We are never one

No blood drives or mpesa donations, i tuned on local news at around 5pm to know the current situation napata hakuna kitu ni ngoma tu za ujinga, i had to watch fucking aljazeera and cnn to follow up on local breaking news

we were never one to begin with

i guess wako nazo mahali… if the need wass high ingetangazwa

i thought i heard as early as 11 am garissa residents being asked to go donate at garissa PGH…

we are never one, that has always been the truth

Yes. But can you even begin to compare the outpouring of grief and outrage of westgate with this?

no i can’t

True, its like it happened in another country

True, no days of mourning declared.No flying the flag at half mast.Yet the death toll is more than twice that of Westgate.But what the heck, this time round it’s poor Kenyans of little consequnce that were the target.

This is exactly the kind of fuckery (excuse my French) I’ve always complained of about mainstream Kenyan media.

Equality will never exist…iko wanyama wenye wako sawa zaidi ya wengine.If you are not in that class then mind your own safety by exercising caution always.

we were never and we will never be

It’s strange that many foreign press and blogs were more active jana about this matter than our own

And all this because of an abducted old white sugar mummy. Ask yourselves were it a black person abducted would we have gone to war over it? Merrille Raiders kill and abduct our people by the numbers each other year,have we ever gone to war with Ethiopia over the matter? hii ni ujinga yetu kama wakenya… We never value our own but lick the white man’s arse at every given opportunity. I blame the Kibaki administration for this. When a mad man spits at you, do you go ahead and challenge him to a fight? Who is more foolish?..
Ps. I say this because I believe all Muslims are utter nuttjobs


Vile ar’ go nyam dog amedai.

Just out of curiosity, do the spanking-new antiterror laws apply to them too?:confused:


Ata ojwang alichangiwa na conje aliwachwa. we are never one

I wonder too dr luther

Your answer is in your query

Kabila ni mbili tu Kenya