We are in a crisis

Where i am, hardly two weeks are passing by without having death notices, people die, but what we are experiencing is something else.
I’m talking about people in their late teens to the age of 60s. People who seem okay, and the next minute they are gone.
There are some who are dying in their sleep, a perfectly healthy person, goes to sleep , and don’t wake up, others are complaining of minor discomfort to severe pain and in the legs, chest and head, there’s another category that is collapsing and dying out of nowhere.
Let’s hear what you’re experiencing on your end, if all is well where you’re, let’s know.

Post effects za COVID vaccines. Chunguza nchi kama uamerica utagundua ni Vivo hivyo

Ni hapa , and things aren’t looking promising.

Uko wapi?

Midwest ya Yues

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Kutoenda hospital. Health insurance muhimu sana.

Poleni mdau.

Nah ! ! ! People have been dying in their sleep since time in memorial, same as collapsing and dying, but in the past, that was a rarity, unless people of old age.
Here, we’re talking about people in their productive years 30’s and 40’s, unapata almost weekly hii corner ama ili ingine mtu amekufa.

Niko Kentucky na ni hivyo

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Gadhee umekua midwest yues na huwesi tuosha mecho na ma ndiasa za huko?

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There have been rumors and speculations about pfizer vaccine.A nurse shared with me that people have died but any attempts to link it to the vaccine is thwarted by the hospital management. She mentioned threats to be sued by pfizer reps if anyone ties a death to the covid vaccine without presenting studies to support the case.Was advised to keep aspirin tabs in the pocket and take one sublingually once every two days to prevent clots from forming especially if i know i will be physically inactive for several hours.
Besides covid vaccine we must also admit that the soft life merchants have won over many 30 to 50 year olds.These people drink too much alcohol,eat too much with little regard for physical activity.A typical 30 to 40year old man on average globally is 29% less physically active post covid than pre covid.Unfortunately the big cover up by pfizer will ensure that death links to the vaccine remain a mystery.Its only best to be safe.Keep being as physically active as possible and take aspirin regularly.

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Mimi Niko sawa. Siku Yako iki fika Imefika. Anyone around you can die anytime. Be prepared to attend a funeral anytime you wake up