We are a nation of very small minds..

Sasa sijui mliskia wapi “shine on your way” so kila saa kila mtu atashinda akisema eti “shine on your way”

Reminds me when the whole nation was awash with “…nayo”

Yaani kenyans are all E materials in '17

Mediocre people

Add to your list ‘journey mercies’ for any idler making a ‘road trip’ out of Nairobi.

umbwa ya somalia ’ enda mahali mema peponi ’

I agree. Annoying AF.

Sheeple mentality is common in social media sites.

Rest with the “angles” still makes me smile.

Sijui ni tangu lini “otherwise” imekuwa swali, answer, kiunganishi etc…
Mnapiga story na mtu alaf unaskia anauliza, otherwise?? Kenyans!!

Na pia eti “nice time”…!!


I know right? :D:D:D

Otherwise…ile hekaya vipi? :wink:

Hii ya “nice time” ndio ya kuua watu.

there was also a fad where guys say “sema” e.g “manze tulienda far. sema kupotea!”
or even worse, “nikuenda ameenda” or “kupigwa alipigwa”…


:D:D:D:D Part 3 coming…

Not forgetting the famous hessy quote.
It was common here too for a while. :D:D

Wasee wacheni hypocrisy

Kuna ingine “wacha”… Cjui ni kishtuo ama?? :D:D:D
E. G… Nani alienda states… Reply(wacha??) :eek::eek::D:D

:Dmany liked that one. it was (still is) annoying

This is not something that’s unique to Kenya, every country has a version of that “mediocrity”, if you wanna call it that. Even in a clique, you might find that you and your friends repeatedly use words or phrases that other people find annoying.

like bomoad :smiley:

My friend used to say that and I always avoided him for it. He is now in jail for armed robbery. Always trust your instinct folks :D:D:D

:D:D oh come on!!!

But now I know. …nimejua sijui.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewe unaanza kukuwa kama @Voltron na mavacco…

Priss don’t remind me of that juvenile egg head.:D:D