Leo kwa matatu I innocently caused a serious scare. Nimepanda matatu nikakaa the row of seats immediately behind the dere but on the seat next to the sliding door (14 seater matatu)
Kufika stage ya high rise, the two guys on the inner seats wakadai kushuka so I had to disembark to let them out. When I was getting back in nikapata hiyo kamzigo walikuwa nayo imemwaga some funny looking fluid on the seats so nikashuka haraka and went to the seats at the back. Concodi akaniuliza mbona nime change seats, nikamshow kuna kitu hapo kwa seat. Aguy who overhead the exchange asked loudly “ati nini imewachwa kwa kiti”, a second guy asked nani amewacha hio kitu, a lady asked kwani ni bomb? The conductor got confused and started pointing at kamzigo kako behind the deres chair, hakupata chance ya kusema hiyo ni yangu, dere anaambiwa asimamishe gari watu washuke, fracas. Jamaa anadai kuruka na dirisha, I’m sure it lasted less than 15secs but niliona mengi.
Now naelewa how guys jumped out of their 5th floor rooms when they thought al shabab were around.


Nimekumbuka story(nt related to bombs) we were seated around 6 of us nje …girls muchene tuu… nxt thing I know my cuzo is running n the others after her…within seconds walikimbia na wakafunga ka gate .
kumbe ni mbuzi ingine chokozi ilikuwa inakuja mbioo
…guess thts how adrenaline works , i was cornered I ran towards it…nikichenga…it was in good moods siku hiyo :smiley:


Hehe. One time I used to sell pop corn in githuri 45 (@Meria Mata). A few metres from thika road on your way to kimbo there is a ka junction. Thats where I was stationed. One time when mungiks was at its prime, there was a commotion at the bus stage…what I saw was a multitude of poeple running towards me. I grabbed the pop corn machine and also started running towards kimbo.and it was huge… funny thing was that the pop pop pop sound on the machine was still happening as I scampered for safety.
Upto now I still don’t know what caused the stampede and also how I carried that huge ppop corn vending thing’i.



Guys really fear Alshabab business

Hehehehehe. Kona mbaya passie were fighting mungiki. Those days i used to sell mtumba and cassettes hapo kwa roundabout,


I think you meant to say ‘LIVING in fear!’

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About ten years ago when i used to work on mombasa road and was staying in ngumo i used to use those rickety no. 33 mats that ply ngumo to south b. Just after we passed the water institute the battery connections short circuited and the woman seated next to the battery behind the driver cries MOTO MOTO. I was seated next to the sliding door and since i was the first one to jump out what i winessed was hilarious. Very big men fit out of those small windows while women struggle at the door. Within seven seconds the mat was empty

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na imagine ilikuwa kitu kaa hii :smiley:



That video usually cracks me up. One of the best pranks ever.

Where are you all leaving to? Mkifika mniambie.

I remember back when i was i colle haponyuma ya odeon sijui kama its taveta lane bt there used to be a joint ya keg,(the owner later opened some club huko coast bus) friday after classes hapo ndio stop over kama sio KBC…
Mariamu wud alwez beba people from there atleast once in a week either sato ama friday. Everytime mnakunywa sauti ya lorry ikiskika tuu…a stampede wud follow and it became a norm, unakunywa ukiwa tayari kutoka mbio na kikombe yako ya keg…
There waz a guy there who used to choma maize, you know those dust bin lids that they use, i freshly remember one day a scare came and guys ran knocked the dust bin lid jiko na mahindi yote hot charcoal ikatapakaa chini some guys fell on it wengine wakawakanyagia as they ran! I ran inside the bar cz we used to sit on planyo chairs hapo inje along the ka street so i watched as the guys struggled waking up and getting knocked down again…and it was a false alarm!

Two guys burned horribly sio near death bt am sure upto date wana alama mbaya ssana from that ordeal! It was an eyesore!

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kama ni hiyo area ya Carskys/ama Carskeys napajuawe also used to go there immediately after high school for cheap alcohol

Mtu Wa turedio na Meria mata kweli mumetoka mbali… Waah! Ati pop corn machine na mitumba… That’s quite encouraging… You both should do a thread from “rags” to riches… I think your stories might be more relevant to us than the Fubu CEO!!


That is a good sign that kenyans are alert


Great idea but not ‘to riches’
Part 1 Coming up soon.
Everyone has a hekaya as its known here


Admin asaidie tuweze ku edit thread heading

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its possible, get there and see

Kweli tumetoka mbali…but as my friend @Meria Mata puts it am yet to get there. But it’s been quite a journey.

This is the first hekaya you have given us!

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