We always listen - Implementing many things

We have changed the like button. The Green emoji is also there. More and more changes this weekend.

So if you see the site going down for some minutes, don’t panic.

We are the ones rebooting to fix some changes!


Are you guys working on automatic quote when you reply to someone?

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Yes hiyo iko kwa our todo list

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You should also introduce Dislike button

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No way…if you dont like a comment songa ukiendanga.[quote=“ChefGio, post:4, topic:448766, full:true”]

You should also introduce Dislike button

Tunataka dislike button, na pia rather than kuweka pfp ya latest poster weka ya OP

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Reduce mambo ya censorship

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There you go!

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Please ensure that the avatar of the original author remains on the thread. It will eliminate confusion

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Why not ignore?

Testing, testing…

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Inafanya. Kudos.

Edit: haifanyi coz my quote imengolewa.

Imengolewa. Back to square 1. Haifanyi.


Dislike button will reduce chokosh war and nonsense posts

Na unacheka? This is not a laughing matter. Get things in order or you hire me to straighten things up.

I doubt


Trolls have fragile egos, lack of dislike button encourage them kuendelea

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You can now “Dislike Posts”!

What about the automatic quotes issue? Nimeona even your quotes bado zinangolewa even after saying you have fixed things. Wewe mtu bure kabisa.
Also what is all the mathogothanio up there mpaka you cant know who is quoting whom? Amka wuacha kulala on the job.