Wazungu ni mashetani. Just look at this and judge for yourself


:mad::mad:Io ni country gani wamepeleka io ujinga…?

I think Namibia. How can you be human when you kill for fun? Even Walalo terrorists don’t kill for the fun of it.

Nah ! ! ! They ain’t poaching, it’s a form of sports to them, they releasing tension, after making some break through in science and technology.
The mzungu paid top Dollar to kill an elephant. What you should be questioning are the respective governments that made it possible?
The man landed at the airport, mwafrika cleared him in, and once he stepped out of the airport, we danced for him while half naked. After that debacle, an underage puccy will be waiting for him.

what do they kill for? can you vouch for them?

Poachers are driven by greed but this is killing for fun. Yaani you just seat back and say “I want to kill” and travel thousands of miles to go do so.

They kill non Muslims who can’t pray in Arabic so you can conclude they kill for religion. I don’t support harming anybody for religion.

Imagine they were Chinese?

Fuck these albino motherfuckers

Izi nugu zinafaa kuchomewa uko kwa msitu na ziachwe uko…

Oh my God. All the wazungu worshiping media outlets would have published articles and run footage of the incident continously for months. Nobody in this world would not know how evil Chinese people are.

Just some facts on illegal poaching of Elephants and Rhinos.

  1. Locals within 50Kms are 99% responsible of the poaching. They know the geography, the animals, the rangers movement, the know when-how to kill them, cut out the ivory and hide them.
  2. The biggest market is Asia simply because they pay most and to get it there is a network of local and foreign players. Both China and usa banned transportation and sale of ivory.
  3. White people pay up to $100,000 to hunt them in Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.
  4. When the white man came to Africa, their were millions of them free in the continent freely living side by side with humans. They were hunted on an industrial scale up to 1974 when the global ban advocated by Kenya was passed. By then only 100,000 remained. 99% of them had been hunted.
  5. UK crown has hunted ivory.


I have never understood the benefits of wildlife(animals).

But you’re part of wildlife!!

:D:D whats my benefit to humans

That guy would love kuchunishwa sukuma na Chinese. Story ya Chinese imeingilia wapi sasa hapa … foolish guy let him stick to:
1 pictures ya Chinese roads
2 pictures za buildings
3 uncle ruto
4 Chinese manenos

Halafu mbona unajiita ‘MANKY’?

stop overreacting. how are you?

at least they gave him a name:D

Im irked by that video but someone throws a bile of Chinese comparison. I’m good how’s your new post taking on you