Wazito, Can This NASA Strategy Nullify Elections?

It’s not possible for odm to block all voting stations and ensure no single vote is cast in any constituency, right? Jubilee just needs 1 voter to show up in any constituency, and that is easy.

But what if odm ensures no presiding officer/deputy/clerk appears in just 1 constituency, won’t that invalidate the election? And I think its possible for that to happen, without leading to an election offence. I mean, just have odm supporters create a very hostile environment for the would-be polling station officials, and you know, these presiding officers and their juniors are local, so in a constituency with 99% odm support (about 10 such constituencies out of 290 countrywide), it is safe to assume many of these officials don’t need to be pushed to make a disappearing act on 26th. And the few remaining officials willing to work on that day can be intimidated and also go into hiding.

Everybody will know NASA is behind it, but there will be no obvious proof. In any case, Kenya’s very future depends on there being a valid election on 26th. We all know who the winner will be.

This, of course, can only work if the officials train first and act as if they will participate in the elections, and then just not show up on election day. It might appear far-fetched, until you consider that for Raila and Kalonzo, their political careers will most likely come to an end unless they manage to invalidate the election. And they are very, very desperate. The demos are not going according to plan, with more than 60% of NASA MPs/Senators/Governors refusing to participate.

Jubilee can raise this matter with IEBC, so that the latter can train about 100 extra election officials (they could be from NYS, for instance), who could be airlifted to a polling station if local election officials abscond(1 polling station per constituency with no single poll station manned). I think majority of senior IEBC officials would also like to close any loophole that could invalidate the election so they can finally escape from the circus.

I understand the KDF has been deployed on all voting stations in NASA strongholds…

Are you sure they will be enough?

And that’s now the work of KDF and all police formations to ensure civil servants i.e. IEBC officials, report to work as planned. Remember the fate of the Presidency is in their hands.

Kusema @Ukweli Tupu sioni ikimake

Answer this simple question, ‘the man holding the butt of a gun and the one staring at the bullet exit of the gun barrel, who has power over the other?’

How many rounds can the military issued guns fire?

This is the only way out. Especially guarding a handful of polling stations and the constituency Tallying Centre.

iyo siku ndo watu watajua serikali iko imara…unfortunately kunao watajaribu kushindana na ndovu kunya na watajua hawajui.

The good thing its only a few constituency they can try this, and therefore the number of security officers can be increased.

Also note that ALL voting materials, IEBC staff, p.o, dpo, clerks e.t.c spend the night prior to election day at the polling stations… So should something go wrong there is a more than 12 hrs window for a solution to be found.

Has or will?
Huo si @Ukweli Tupu!

mnasema one constituency…mtashtuka hata one full county haijavote

the clock is ticking…

Really? Anyway, I think Jubilee/IEBC needs to look at this and ensure remedial measures are put in place like I have suggested apo juu, so no one is denied the right to vote. Of course, if someone doesn’t want to vote, no problem, just stay at home and don’t try to disrupt the process. And that should not be a request, it should be because there would be immediate consequences if one tries to disrupt.

True, the govt has enough resources to repel any attack on any polling station. That is why my question is about a situation where the polling officials refuse to report to work, most on their own volition.

io ni @Ukweli Tupu

my worry too

IEBC can train other guys from other counties and have them on stand-by in case guys fail to show up. Or they could shuffle them up, have officials recruited in githurai serve in ruiru and vice versa.

IEBC has a lot of its own staff all over the country, Remember it’s them who train, supervise and oversee all the functions at the polling stations… They only hire the clerical work to the locals…