Wayne Rooney.

Things are going down fast for Rooney. Thought he said he was happy going back to Everton, why then the sudden shift to decadent behavior? [ATTACH=full]123713[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]123714[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]123715[/ATTACH]

What would have kermit said

in greek we say homes are smoke. only the owners know where the 'bugs bite…


I have no idea, why don’t you ask him?



Another Paul Gascoigne in the making


Rooney helping singo matha

Na hii nyoka sio mbaya…Wayne needed change of oil jamani

That looks like an Audi not a Range.


I copied and pasted what was posted. If the owners of the story say it’s a Range, who am I to tell them it isn’t ama tungojee full ruling in 21 days?


white Range Rover is the car in front, the Audi is the silver mettalic at the back


rooney amechoka kukamua huyu mama c alienda transfer everton anaitaji transfer ya kuma ingne

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Ata uki c&p ukileta hapa you fully own it

Re read this comment by negrowegrow, I guess he’s read it right.

Well said Mwalimu

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Huyu jamaa hunishangaza kitu moja tu. Ni kadinya but he always fucks down not up.
If you’re going to cheat,cheat with a woman more beautiful than your wife.
The last time ilikuwa an old hooker older than his own mum!
Anyway, huyo Bibi yake deserves all that cash especially after kumzalia watoto wanne.
Can’t wait to hear the new chant Kwa ground every time he touches the ball…


That’s what i was told after copying an article with osungu.dll

@spear kulikoni na mjamaa wenu? :D:D

Mungich niaje

Yes, Rooney is a wreck when he drinks. How many times has he been caught with Escorts. Hapa he needs to pray that his wife has a forgiving heart again.

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