Way To Go Larry Madowo!!

Finally, somebody had the guts to shut this big bullying oaf down:


He comes to studios and yells at everybody, hurls insults at host and guests alike, yet the TV shows are sustaining his broke ass after he re-sold his soul to JaKuon. Now his best insult was to say that Larry is not a journalist. Kwani alaienda kutembelea nani?

But tulio…

when akombe was in aibisi.

Larry Madondo is the one who was rude…we understand Miguna…AND IT IS TRUE ALL REVOLUTIONS CARRY WITH THEM BLOOD SHED e.g. Cuba or the ARAB SPRING

Kassin, in what sense of the word is Miguna “behaving”? The rest of Kenya is getting to know how downright silly this guy is. Kwanza when you start talking of people spilling blood, apparently oblivious of the current charged environment, and still want to override the host… he’s killing me…


Double m is a douchebag! Akauke! Hii story ya kuomba chai na mandazi kila asubuhi na hakuna kitu ya maana anasema ingeisha ile time aliumishwa nje na Sonko na Kidero kwa “erection”. What can a ‘Specialist in Failure’ add to a discussion that needs winners. Akwende!!!

uwesmake akiwa na nywele

Miguna is an idiot. :D:D Larry I never used to watch your show but will start paying attention going forward.

Truth be told, Madondo is a lousy moderator, what he did last night was completely unprofessional, the show is not about him, hii si the trend, you don’t cut off people mid sentence and attack not knowing what Miguna was going to say.

Our professionalism has gone to the dogs.Did they have to show the world that part of arguing…

Atarudi Ktn

Nonsense. Miguna has this habit of holding sermons and lectures at full volume, flat out refusing to respond to direct questions, and going ad hominem when properly questioned. In this specific instance, he insulted Sen. Murkomen by calling hims a butcher, and he also suggested that blood must flow for JaKuon. As a host, Madowo was duty-bound to interrupt and ask for clarification. Was Miguna condoning violence?

How come all the other guests understand that intervention is a normal part of such a show? It lasted 1:42 hours, and Miguna was the only one to get angry and personal. If Madowo had not confronted Miguna, he’d have given his 110 dB lecture and then leaned back with a smug grin of satisfaction, having delivered Baba’s threats with a quasi-academic effect.

Miguna wants to ignite a fire in Kenya when he has made sure his children are tucked far away and safe in Canada. More to the point, you cannot walk into someone’s home as a guest and insult the host and all the other guests. This type of uncouth behavior seems to excite Jakuonists, never mind they were the same ones baying for his blood when he deconstructed exactly who Jakuon was.

You have to accept what life has thrown at you. My children go to school in Canada. The risk of them being attacked by violent people was too much, so I can’t have them here. https://www.sde.co.ke/thenairobian/article/2000224722


Baba alisema tusione NTV. if Miguna is truly Baba’s supporter as he alleges, hio show hangetokea. after all I watch side bar coz of double M

mzee kombe hawezi amina kenyans watavote bila yeye…i heard that she was crying on radio

The show has the power to edit out any inflammatory remarks by the guests. Larry kept cutting off Miguna not letting him complete his statements after uttering the words “violence” and “blood”. I think this is very poor on Larry. They should have moderated Miguna and not rudely cut him off and not let him explain himself. And Miguna doesnt really like RAO and has not resold his soul to him. But those deaths are a direct attack on his community and possibly family. Any man with a conscience would react the same way.
The words “violence” or “blood” do not mean much unless the context that they use is clarified. If someone is ushering bloodshed, trust me he will not mince his words. They should have just left Miguna complete his sentences. It is reality he is talking about. And he is right with the facts that there has never been a revolution without both. It doesn’t necessarily mean what he is saying is entirely accurate. But it is a perspective.
Overall all the guests did a good job in their arguments. But one always remember that sychophancy always clouds judgement to different extents.

You wanted them to edit a live show? Miguna is just a keyboard revolutionary, he never attends any demonstrations kazi yake ni Twitter demonstrations. Miguna has been a complete disappointment for me, I voted for this guy coz of his ideas and coz he called out politicians from both sides but now he is back supporting the same guy who he called a dictator and corrupt.

They actually can edit live shows. Those live shows can have a 10 second delay on actual broadcast. And I dont think Miguna is supporting Raila. Like I said people in his region are getting massacred. And it is okay to be a keyboard warrior if it influences something. Its just as powerful as being out there inhaling teargas.
I agree with you Miguna is very condensing many times derogatory. He does bring in a unique perspective that is needed. Its only that his behavior clouds the actual message he is trying to convey. Personally I think he has some kind of mental personality disorder.

Apart from the innocent kids who have unfortunately been killed. I think we can both agree that those demondtrations have not peaceful and it is not that Luos are being targeted, it’s that they are the majority of people demonstrating. You can’t attack police and expect them not to retaliate, and you can’t call for revolutions and a call to arms and say blood must spill and then complain when your people are killed. Miguna and company are telling Luos to go and start revolutions yet they are not telling their community why the people of the other principals are not demonstrating or dying.