Wavinya "Siyphus" Ndeti


The principles in play: 1. We had NASA returning officers filling out junk forms and substituting photocopied documents for watermarked ones, and it worked at the Supreme Court, why not at the lower levels? 2. We drowned the court with useless reams of paper and they decided to favour us instead of wading through the mess, so why not repeat the stunt?

Problem: in a repeat, the voter will do exactly what he or she did to defeat the opponent, but the safeguards against soiling the process will have been tightened. NASA might live to rue the day it tried to screw up democracy in its strongholds.


There was no NASA in the general elections…

Won’t they lose kamba votes for those who voted for mutua and nasa. That dirty game brings an instant gratification but in long run it makes nasa lose votes


Let wavinya be defeated flat. Mutua development has a track record!


I thought you guys hated Mutua ? Or that was before he endorsed UhuRuto

People hate and love him equally…they love him because of his developments. And hate him because he supports Uhuruto.

he is like those hot ‘blonde’ girls. her looks will call you but her thinking will send u away

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Nimesoma hii [SIZE=6]Siyphus [/SIZE]kama syphilis.

By your own reasoning, ponder this:

If he’d supported JaKuon and wasted 5 years running around like most CORD/Wiper governors and MPs, he would have done no developments.

He would not have been reelected if people in Ukambani preferred leaders who love JaKuon and hate Uhuruto, which was the platform the opportunistic Wavinya relied upon.

Therefore, the people that love Mutua are many more than those that hate him.

:D:D…u av a corrupt mind