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About two years back, when Shamsa, my dayschoolar house keep left to get married, I was lucky to bag me self a middle aged lady from Matuu in Ukambani. Must have been @junkie first cousin. She became a boarding house keep.
This kamba lady was an ardent adherent of the Jeshi La Wokovu sect, a captain I think, or some other major rank. That coupled with her need to testify oh her salvation in every seating, ruled her out for any attempt to gawa slices. But i was content.
At that time, I still lives alone in this coastal town. But about six months or so past, a niece of mine had joined me and was a parallel student in a campus in town. She also worked during the day and attended classes from six thirty to eight forty five in the evening. Mostly she arrived home some minutes past nine.
This put me in a very awkward situation. Because I now had a live in maid, and my niece. It was hard for me to invite a kunguru home for slices. But one can only self starve for so long. One evening I was in a very bad place, dry spell speaking. I had to have ass by hook or crook. I made a few calls and a very nice momo that hailed from Mpeketoni but worked in an Mpesa nearby came to the rescue. We agreed she would come at seven on the fucking for coz time was of essence. I had made up my mind to only shelter my niece but the mkamba alambe Lolo.
So I perched myself in my bedroom impatiently waiting. 730 she had not arrived. With every passing minute I lost hope. But the gods were on my side and some few minutes to 8, I heard the gate open. Mostly in the evening, we lock the main door and use the kitchen door. So I rushed of to the kitchen, grabbed the keys from the bowl and opened the doors. meanwhile, the mkamba who was in the kitchen readying super was all questions… The momo came in…and the mkamba went…kumbe ni… I threw her a glance that cemented her tongue and half dragged the momo to the bedroom. I left the momo reciting known names of the desert god.
Dispensing with the first twenty minutes after entry into the bedroom, mark, i had managed to trap her between the headbpard and a very determined Phallus of the Mabenda order. She was doubled up standing, holding on to the Mvule headboard for anchorage, legs spread over the 6×6 planks, receiving it by the cramming. I stood there, all 6ft, almost touching the ceiling, with a good trip of her upper thighs, drilling into her for all my worth.
Presently, she turned her head long enough to bid me let her rest for a minute… I told her to shut the fuck up na ajishikilie lea mbao. I was that far gone. I was in that place in a climb where the only thing you want to hear are the burps emanating from there yonder and the only thing you want to see are the ripples as the huge butt cascades back and forth from the phallus kick.
So I whack it, the torpedo dives deep, and you see the ass concoct a wave that runs away from you. The wave goes the length of the Butt, hits the small of her back and then it comes back at you furiously intending to wedge you out. But you are the waiting. And you shove it in harder and the coming wave crushes onto the new wave creating a foamy mess and you have to stroke the mkalala to establish some equilibrium before the next whack.
Forty minutes in, she couldn’t take it no more, and she corapsed on Vita foam, turned on her back, spread them legs wide and told the grandson…maliza ama niende …
I lowers myself slowly on to her, found the frail and sent the torpedo deeper. It was time for the grand finale… I planted my wrists behind her shoulders to contain her flight, use my legs to spread her legs further and went in for the prize. The

Ndio maana iko kwa motoring…

@introvert huyu anasema nini? Sijasoma but at a quick glance sidhani iko relevant to motoring

The way he acted rough porn by sending torpedoes and leg spreading contests. @mabenda4 nice one but maliza hekaya

Gudu wan

Clawmatsu ameendesha lori ya yellow.

You will kill me oooh…

Hekaya iko tops but kizungu imegonga ukuta kidogo :D:D:D

Clawmatsu maliza hekaya…hata kama fombe imezidi rusungu…


:D:D:D kwa wale wa summary: clawmatsu is driving a grade one(read enormous) yerro yerro submarine…torpedoing @ will

Part ikuom…

I am torn between appreciating the hekaya or getting annoyed at the pain you have caused my brain by rusungu.dll.

Niaje Leonard kimata

mzee acha kuwatch extreme porn

I’m not reading… Upussy

Anatuambia vile aliendesha momo ingine hadi ikaenda na rim… Tunangoja amalisie

Mabenda maliza hekaya

Nice one…arafu?

Mimi sio kambodia
:meffi: wewe