Watu Watakufa na Bloodclots


Saved 10 million deaths and caused 5 blood clots. Seems pretty easy decision here. There’s no regulated drug without a serious side effect. Even piriton can kill you and has killed. It’s too critical in the fight against the disease to entirely halt the vaccine. Now if they feel they can contain with the quantities of other vaccines available, they might.

That would be true if only there was no other options that did not cause blood clots. Even the EU has stopped its use for a safwr alternative

Stopped only in children.

What if the side effect takes a little longer in some people?

Exactly, just because there are no instant clots does not mean there will not be long term clots. Remember this vaccines rewrite your immune system permanently. They are viral vector vaccines and they change you at the dna level forever

The other day Canadian media reported that there were no corona related Bloodclot deaths in Canada. The Jamaicans interpreted that as Canada was 100% Corona free. Just sayin’

Who knows. But this applies to all vaccines. Fear or side effects cannot stop governments distributing vaccines because the toll from the disease is infinitely worse.

I took mine last week Thursday, niko tu sawa. The second dose is scheduled on 27th May 2021, na nitatenda.

Nyasaye akhulinde.

Orio muno mwanefu.

Get your jab and deal with it.

If it kills ten and saves a billion, that’s good vaccine. Some people can even be injected with water and die.

This is a nonsense vaccine. Why are we not hearing of such cases with others like Pfizer and moderna?

THERE ARE BETTER ALTERNATIVES.Which part of that are you not getting?

Better is your opinion.

Ones that don’t cause Bloodclots

How true is this statement. As at now its only effective for a six month period. Tafasali fafanua

Sioni umuhimu wa hiyo kitu, it doesn’t prevent you from getting the Chinese nyang’au or spreading it if you have it . Ni trial tu. Ujinga kabisa

There’s been reports of blood clots with Pfizer as well. And Astrazeneca is the most widely used. In the UK 18 million+ have been vaccinated with Astrazeneca, na Pfizer ni only 600,000. 18 million and only 30 cases of blood clots? Sioni shida hapa.