A Man in Kirinyaga fills cooking gas cylinder with bhang, attempts to transport it by matatu*******

mara inaekwa kwa tanker mkasaliti hio idea…sahii msito ameseti kwa cylinder namnampeana

mnareta shortage ya shash mtaani


That’s ferking genius.100% there was a ferking snitch involved.Kenyan peddlers just lack the social intelligence to move it. You need to be tactical in who you involve in your operation.Most importantly don’t ferking get high on your product.Theres really a market niche to be exploited here.

He should have painted the shit new. But it’s true. Alisalitiwa.

Wakisikiza hii banger hapa, watatherema mbaya.

You seem to be a perennial weed smoker

The guy should have been let off with a warning… coz of his ingenuity

Straight facts

Not perennial.


Unakaa msee anachapa 2bags a week

Snitches get stitches

i think it is fog-minded stupidity? who wouldn’t be concerned about a gas cylinder that has been repaired at the midpoint? it was bound to raise concern.
it would have been smart if he had done the puncturing at the bottom.

No hawk police could fail to be suspicious of that welded joint in the cylinder. Halafu from the look seems amekulia hio mchezo for sometime and got complacent.

Just there at the side halafu smoothen it and try to conceal the joint. This one got complacent after getting away with it a couple of times