Watu wa ZUKU how do you cope with the terrible upload speeds?

I Zuku 5mbps which gives me normal speeds that i can work with for normal browsing. The problems comes when i am supposed to be backing up my photos on the web or during my web design when i am supposed to upload images. It takes forever to do so. I find myself reverting to airtel. Has anyone complained to them and they agree to do something on upload speeds? or all of us just download?

38 tabs omera surely

zuku is gay

kwani unatumia eniac supercomputer?

You are on a 5Mbps connection, 38 tabs and you are complaining???
This is Peasantry at its best!!
I am on 30Mbps and this year, Zuku has been VERY cooperative. No Downtimes, no speeds dropping on weekends. Awesome so far

its all good on my leafy side of the fence.Your access technology factors in as far as internet access speed is concerned they all have limitations.Your ISP shows you connection speeds but not the speeds between the your comp and the Internet which again is hindered by the location of the remote resource (number of routers,servers that the data must travel through on the way to and from the destination service, will affect the overall speed ).Time of Day…kama unaishi pale paipu ama anywhere around eastlands internet slows down at certain times of day this is very similar to rush hour on the roads. Hama leo


I dont think many tabs is the reason because the download speed is not being affected. The issue is the upload speed. It will remain the same even when you restart pc and only have one tab open

Kueleza umeeleza vizuri ukaharibu na hiyo picha ya 110 tabs open… hahahahaaha by the way since today its public holiday kila mtu ako home it could be the reason. Siko PAipu but Umoja is no different

My cpmputer is good. Its definet;u not a super computer but its good enough to sustain all the 38 tabs you counted. If its about the tabs It should affect also the downloads

Mumehesabu tabs??

They did instead of answering me. But si unajua kila daktari utibu ile ugonjwa anaweza. hawa wa kuhesabu tabs walionelea hiyo ndio wanaweza tatua

Nobody should even be coping with ZUKU. For two years now, they’ve been sending me SMSs to rejoin them for all manner of fake deals. No way!!

niko vekeshen mbali kiasi,kwa ka beach nikiangalia coomer baridi kishenzi zikipita pita

They send messages daily. So irritating. Niliwablock kitambo.

hahahahaha please return then we launch a formal complain. they can improve haha

What do you use now?

Saf 10mbs. You can by pass their bandwidth misallocation with a secondary router.

Buana ukipata workaround ya io meffi upload speeds CC me tafadhali. That is my only issue with them.

Ukitaka good upload, safcom. They give 1:1 for their fiber connection.

Zuku is just stingy. They don’t want to pay money ya upload port


Can you shed some more light on this brathe…
Do you do some more configuration on the 2nd router ama ni plug n play
Hawa manugu wananyonga speeds sana you can’t stream vipoa.
kulikua na a thread on this some weeks back