Watu wa red peels aka alfa mails iko swali

@thesavage and your team.

According to the doctrines of your cult, why do men who have very attractive wives leave them for mbotches or other women even older women like Prince Charles and Camilla Parker instead of Princess Diana, who are not as attractive since desire is all about how people look and desire can not be negotiated. It is either evoked by good looks or not at all.And its purely physical and can not be negotiated based on good behavior or character or being generous, submissive, loving or kind.

Sasa tumejua mbona hujawachwa…

That Cold Bruh ,Real Cold!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not defined by certain set physical parameters .Akothee may look pretty and sexy to a certain guy, yet another one may see her as ugly.

Nani. Jibu swali. Acha a na Mimi please. Usifanye nitusi mama yako. If you don’t have answers move on.

Well, I thought beauty is standard? First of all are you in this cult also?

No my sister. I am just a male human being doing what I have to do in this godforsaken planet. I don’t know about alphas and betas.

Desire or seduction is not purely physical. It’s more about the mind connection than physical.

There are some very beautiful women who are 9.5/10 but they’re boring and you can’t even have an intelligent conversation with them.

Worse; some women don’t know how to give pleasant sex. They just lay there like a sack of potatoes. No blow job, no swallowing.

But a man can find an average woman who is interesting and can hold an intelligent conversation. Not just about ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ or any of that nonsense. A submissive woman with a better than average sex game.

Swallowing WHAT???!!!

Umejua kwa nini babako haja acha your drunk whore of a mother? Ama he’s a beta mail who likes leftovers after wengine wakimalizia?

Intelligent woman will challenge you n you also do not want to be challenged, do you people really know what you want btw?

Thanks God one less retard on the red peel train wreck. So is it that the standard for beauty changes with time and age ama?

There are so many stupid Kenyan women who think they’re very intelligent. Then they try to mask their stupidity with motivational quotes.

Even if a man finds a real smart woman, she must be submissive. Keyword: submissive.

Haiyaa…jamaa chunga.utaangushiwa 17,576,324,838 words hapa tu…Ngoja uone

So what you are saying is that you want an intelligent woman who will pretend to be less than you? IMHO most if not all intelligent women are opinionated so if it’s submission you are after, a stupid one would be the best. As for motivational quotes sielewi how they make s1 look intelligent.

BTW hope you know blow job is a sin to Christians.

So all these couples where the husband or wife is bedridden. Can no longer go to the gym or wear anything nice. Say bcz of an accident, all the men and women staying with these pple are beta males and females ama? Coz they are many. Or s1 gets cancer, their hair falls off, they no longer look hot. Or a stroke. Or MS. I mean if it’s as straight forward as your cult puts it, then all these people should have been left by their partners kitambo Sana. There’s a movie true story of euthanasia acted by Antonio Banderas called the deep sea or something, he bcms quadriplegic after a diving accident. Women bcm even more devoted to him, in fact the person who helps him kill himself is a lovely young woman. And there are enuff stories of terminally ill people or incarcerated people who still are loved so according to your theory that this ‘desire’ is purely physical and there’s nothing else to it can be proven wrong unless it wasn’t love to begin with but pure unadulterated LUST. I know your argument is there’s nothing like love but then if this were true why would these people who stay loyal to crippled people, terminally I’ll pple and incarcerated people do it. If not that they just love that person?

Coolidge effect,men + monogamy =syntax error

If you answer this beaches questions, wewe ni beta male.

Aaaiiii kapondi are you okay. Ama Una nyesha.