Watu wa nduthi saidia

Hizi kipikipi za china ziko aje ukicompare na za japan juu vile naona pale river road bei ni tofauti sana eg royal safari 150cc @85k
Honda ace 125cc @100k

Tried and tested.Case closed.

@introvert bi sani sani

May be 4stroke vs 2stroke Idk…but if you remember, there was a time ‘nduthi’ was synonymous to ‘hondaa’.
Thanks to one Soichiro Honda - founder of Honda motor Co. In 1958, after World War whatever… Honda started from humble beginnings by “fixing motors on bicycles”. 70 plus years later. Cheki where Honda is at…

Get the Honda(CB125) … The Cunteye one is definitely a very cheap(Japanese) imitation. Chinku cunteyes are master imitators…

Living in ocha side I see a lot of Indian-made Japanese bikes, and Chinese bikes. And I also see a lot of broken, about to break, or breaking Chinese bikes.

That said, I’d rather be run over and have my spleen raptured by a Japanese bike than be the owner of a Chinese bike.

That’s @bucket load of information

Thanks will also look at the yamaha crux tho not sure about their price

Kifikifi ni Kibo.


Considering build quality, spares and general support, afadhali Jap and Indian bikes.
I worked on a bike called MTR, hata wiring diagram hakuna, no spares even from the dealer.
For some KTM imitations Kenya Forest Service bought, the brakes had to be replaced with Suzuki parts.
Headache tupu.

Honda ace nimeona inauzwa 93 k. Seen the advert on a bill board hapo Kisumu girls.

nilidhani hapa ni sex and relationships ati nitagurumisha nduthi… burrisokei

chukua yamaha crux mbio sana…

Hizo ni zile 100cc na kick start

Pikipiki ya elfu mia nne na haina kitu tofauti except hiyo exoskeleton

Mlibadilisha hub mzima ama mlimodify brakes

Why would government buy imitations?

No way.
I’m not buying a 150cc courier bike at the price of a brand new parallel twin Italian Benelli 300cc.

Modified brakes and washed my hands.
Very unpredictable and useless bikes.

Btw makanika hizi ma GY za machief zimeandikwa KTM ni za Austria ama ni oriji kutola shaina?

Present day 250cc or less is Indian, even if the badge says Yamaha, Honda or KTM.
About those Chinese GYs, Raleighs and shait, in my lucid moments I try to understand how the rear wheel just goes off-centre unprovoked.