Watu wa lipa na mpesa

Munachelewesha laini banae …

beats me why people rush to the super at the very last hour. Do you have to be physically there.
I ordered my Xmas shopping online and it was at home in record time.

Which mart delivers?

Quik Mart

Groceries and meats usiwahi order online,utajua haujui

Naivas are on glovo

Supermarkets should dedicate a single counter where all lipa na mpesa transactions will be done through. Ndo waharibiane time pekee yao.

I pay for everything through mpesa. While at that, when the teller is inputting every item, I have already keyed in the till number and am just waiting for the amount.

This should be the case.I normally lose my patience when the person in front is using mpesa.

Alafu unapata hata hajafungua Sim toolkit. Waunikatsia kabisa.

Supermarkets should shift to self checkout. I haven’t queued for the past two years. The supermarket I buy my stuff has an app. You just scan as you pick, checkout from your phone and go your way. Also, they have self checkout stations.

Makes two of us…chap chap

its time you moved to card esp if your money resides in a bank account. Moving cash from bank to mpesa then paybill ni transactions na charges mob

Supermarket ya machokoraa

Unalia ju ya mashillingi?

Those ones I buy fresh from our local grocer and @Big fire the busher.

Whatever happened to these innovations? They’d save so much time.

Nyinyi ndio zile nugu huwastia watu time mkingoja message

Go back to Somalia faggot. Don’t you feel uncomfortable mingling with jareer slaves?

Pia mimi hucheza kama wewe.

Even if the money resides in the bank account, kama ako na mobile banking most banks have integrated with BUY GOODS so it can be done straight via the mobile app without moving money to the MPESA wallet.