Watu wa kawasaki

sidhani hii ni something ya need v.i.p.anyway am wondering if the lover of kavasilini or Arimis are potential dads. if not then hapa hawaajashoiwa poa.[ATTACH=full]7815[/ATTACH]

For your info kijana mdogo, kawasaki is not only for losers but for all who are in love with themselves. Asande


well said sir, you are a true kawasaki champion


I laughed so hardā€¦



If you love yourself you should get a girl express sex in a natural way not wanking like a loser

Try fucking the said ā€˜girlā€™ if she has fucked 10 other mafisi including the OCPD.

I donā€™t know who has been feeding your brain with negativity, but what I know is that he is damaging your thought process on how you view women. It is high time you have to assess your inner self, believe you me if you do so you will attract upright and moral girls and come back and thank me later for delivering you from an emotional abyss.

Sorry pal mi siko team kawasaki so no need to be delivered. I was just making you realize all sides are flawed. Read threads here of how guys have found their women dogging and you realize it is a tricky world.

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So how does it feel calling urself ā€¦Team Mastubationā€¦:(:(:(:frowning:

Ask @kush yule mnono
As for me

:):slight_smile: sowwy had not read the comment before well

its natural to eat dogs in chinaā€¦

Man, u are brainwashed. Stop watching ati sijui ā€œThe Secretā€

@chapnyap who told you sina mdem, nduthi business is an add on

The right word is team kawasaki

Kawasaki ni poaā€¦sometimes you just need to bust a nut.