watu wa Fta kina Luther. meria saliva and company. saidieni

hey guys nimekuwa nikifuatilia ushauri.mawaidha Na mafunzo Kuhusu hii mitambo ya satellite since tukiwa klost. ave been to luthuli but those guys seems either hawana idea au hawataki kuuzia strangers.they only advice me on bein decorder which I will cough 12000 per annum.to me its not free any idea ama contacts za mtu willing kuuniuzia fta HD decorder u can connect me with. niko nairobi.
thanks in advance

hey@mixx,what are your interests in tv coz even the be** you are talking of only guarantees you access to their channels.Else it doesn’t unscramble AD or OS$ PACKAGES.
Thus depending on what you wish to watch ,where you are I might be in a position to give some suggestions.

You don’t just walk into a shop and ask for FTA HD decoder. Mimi nikiwa mwenye duka nitakuuzia either what I know doesn’t move much (dead stock) or what I know gives me the highest margin (exploitation).

Countless times it has been stated that the best FTA satellite decoders are the Strong brand, specifically Strong SRT-4922 (and its relatives 4920, etc) and Strong SRT-4950 series. If you don’t specifically mention those then you’ll have yourself to blame for whatever else gets pushed to you.


AD got bought out last year by OSN. The OSN package is unbelievably expensive, not worth the trouble.

beIN, in addition to accessing their sports channels (using their own proprietary Humax decoders such as HD Free & 1000S), will also afford you access to other FTA satellite channels located in the same satellite.

I agree to that as of BEin but thre are some innuendos of AD possibly acquiring sole Epl rights thus leaving big bro as the option.
As of the BEin decoders I Have the 1000s ,it’s good for viewership but it’s quality is quite not comparable to other FTA decoders more so if you want to use it as reference in satellite installation.
Asande sana.

And it’s worth noting that 4922 and 4920 have clones that won’t give you what you might expect from a decoder,am yet to hear of a 4950 clone.You have to be careful when you make the purchase bro.

True. It’s tuner is not quite as sensitive as one would want it to be. Plus most Humax decoders tend to lack the blindscan function though in not sure about this specific one.

it does have the option though quite hidden as you got to choose it to search all transponders .

If you buy any of the 4920 series, always authenticate it on the Strong website before leaving the shop. There currently are no reported cases of counterfeits to the 4950 series.

my interest is on sport.especially epl and documentaries .any assistance will be highly appreciated my brother. thanks

Documentaries, movies & news utapata kwa wingi on 7°W & 7°E. As for soccer, Arabsat 5C, Paksat 1R and Amos 5 should sort you out.

if what you are looking is sports, EPL and documentaries. then you need to get to that satellite positioned at 7° east European beam, but you must make sure to buy a very big dish and one those high gain LNBs ie 240 cm dish is what I recommend, as for the decorder you can have one called STRONG SRT 4922hd or 4950H. good luck

the mbcs in 7w are good and inorder though their transponder is quite weak.
@dagitari i found 7E being quite an elusive bird ,as of now i have not with certainity managed to fully domesticate it in anticipation of the d*****uk package thereof.

What dish size are you using? What LNB?

pole daktari seems my reply was blank forgive my Android. so I meant niliuliza Hiyo decorder wakasema ata hawana idea ninini .na wenye wako na idea wanasema Hio na strovolt ziko banned Kenya so sijui nitaipata wapi. kindly assist if possible

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am using eurostar 130cm and an inverto ultra single

Where is this that you asked? Seems like they were intent on making a wrong sale to you at all costs.

Ask around in shops such as Alfa Sounds, Fecom Technology, Riwara Electronics, Mwalimu Communications, Spikes Spares & Electronics, etc all in the general neighborhood of Luthuli Avenue, and Abasheikh Electronics in Mombasa.

FYI, none of the FTA decoders or other FTA equipment is illegal.

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You may have to up that to either 150cm offset or 240cm pf.

thanks bro.now armed to the teeth with the unanimous info.my question will be where in Nairobi seems luthuli yote hakuna duka iko nayo bado niko Tao natafuta tu. any connections maybe?