Watu wa Cheki maneno

Akina @The.Black.Templar @Meria Mata , @Bus et.al , would you reccommend a weehoo bike trailer for the young ones. I have been learning how to ride a bike and i feel confident now. I’d like to be tagging my tot along and i came across this attachable trailer so i thought i’d ask the experts first. I feel like it’s a safer option than each of us riding our own bikes especially if we have to ride along the footpaths.

Here are the specifications:

[li]Weld Free Hiltch – eliminates failure –prone welds[/li][/ul]
[li]3 point safety harness- assures parents that kids are secured safely[/li][li]Enclosed Sprocket and Chain- keeps little fingers out of harms way[/li][li]Foot straps- keeps little feet safely attached to pedals[/li][li]Storage pockets- take food, drinks, clothing and camera with you[/li][li]Quick adjust seat- easily accommodates different length legs[/li][li]Removable push bar- easily detaches for travel storage[/li][li]Reflectors, reflective tape, and flag- increases visibility[/li][/ul]

Will appreciate your opinion.[ATTACH=full]8510[/ATTACH]

I say…let the kid ride their own bike


The Question that comes to mind is how old is your kid, if he is 5, get him a bike for a ten yr old, if he is under 5 you can tag him along.
am saying this coz at he end of the day he/she will need his own bike. The bikes in the market have adjustable seat pins which you will be raising as he grows up.

There’s a bike for the kid already when we go to the park or bike reserved areas. Thought this might be safer when we ride in areas with a lot of traffic or when we wonna do relatively long distances since the kid won’t keep stopping. Oh! The kid is nearly 4.

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You would be surprised…first prove your theory wrong…try riding with your kid and see how far he/she can ride and then make a decision because you know their limits

Check this out…I was once going for a checki maneno ride and I came across this kid…he had stamina and was actually racing me, hata mlima alikuwa anapanda at my pace. His dad was following behind him in his car, and occasionally he would shout at the kid to slow down (stop racing with me). So I decided for the kids sake to just slow down…I could tell the kid was disappointed that I gave up. He was doing around 15kph
So my dear, give your kid the benefit of doubt


Will do so. Thank you sir.

Alafu…weka picha bana

The attachable trailer is great, especially when riding in areas with heavy traffic. It gives you some peace of mind since you do not have to worry about the safety of the kid, something that can compromise even your own safety. I would definitely recommend it. However, attaching the trailer to the bike changes the dynamics ever so slightly, meaning that you need to get used to the new set-up before you hit the road.

Hahaha will do a female Cheki maneno edition soon;)

Had not thought of this. Thanks

Dont be surprised if the kid is a better (safer) rider than mom.

I learnt how to ride a bicycle when I was 9years old, I would ride from Huruma flats to Kariobangi via Casannova , Jonsaga, KiaMaiko and back, at times I’d go mpaka Eastleigh, if my dad found out angenitandika Kama drum ya Mukurino.

At 4 years old I’d also be worried, both options seem dangerous to me when riding on roads with even moderate traffic. Follow your instincts.

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Picha ya kid unaitakia nini? Heri ungesema picha ya mamake

Slow day?