Watu Mmenunua Kashamba or Any Such Property

Niko na swali kuhusu the process since this one is being funded by a bank.
Nime identify and I’ve been put in touch with the owner via. the care taker. Nimekutana naye leo asubuhi, he showed me all the documents pertaining to the land. Now at this point sijui if this person is who he claims he is.
Offer letter imetumwa na wanadai 10% upfront when the offer letter is accepted na condition is the offer letter has to be accepted b4 a sale agreement is drafted. Is this proper?
Now the bank is supposed to fund the remaining 90% after title deed is transfered of course thru. a conveyance lawyer and after the land has been valued.
Swali iko hapa, hii 10% hulipwa thru. the conveyance lawyer ama ni straight to the owner? Ama ni mimi ninakuwa too sceptical?

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@Nananimpa kuna kazi hapa. Anyway let him give you a copy of all the documents do a search for yourself and any payment the lawyers are the receiving agents on your behalf.


I dont know much about the rest, but I once weeded out a conman who wanted to “sell” a plot to me. I had done all background checks and confirmed the ownership of the land, and the only thing remaining was to check whether this guy was actually the guy indicated on the title deed. So when he took me to view the land, I asked for what he did not expect. He expected me to ask for his ID but I was smarter. I asked for his ATM card. You can make a fake ID, but most conmen dont bother making fake ATMs because nobody asks for them anyway. Also, you cant beat the bank verification process to get a fake ATM i.e local banks. Akaniambia hawezi nionyesha hiyo ATM, and I drove off. Two weeks later, I met the real owner, and he was not interested in selling the land.


Anza na search na pia ufanye special search, then any payment should be made after the transfer

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There is this guy I know who wanted to buy a piece of land. Through brokers he identified a piece of land pale Ndaraca (Ukienda juja farm uingie on your right). The sellers quoted 3.4m. The guy did his search at Thika registry and was satisfied. They proceeded to the lawyers office to sign the documents and make part payment. He parted with 1.5m and was handed the title deed. They made an appointment for the day where he will pay the balance. On stepping out of the office, and upon examining the title deed against natural light, he realised ni fake. He tried chasing the guys wakamhepa. Akareport pale Thika Police. Jamaa alizungushwa, lawyer akamruka. He ended up losing the money.


Sasa, mnanunua nini kama sale agreement has not been drafted? Hio 10% is agreed where? By mouth? Hii si mboga unanunua pale marikiti. Due diligence. Plus your lawyer should be able to advise you accordingly.

What I know is that in some circumstances, the seller will demand a 10% down payment as the rest of the process goes through- which may be indicated like within 60 days. Sasa ukimpea hio, you proceed to the lands board (na yeye), mnapewa consent. If beacons have to be put, anaweka. If rates have to be paid, analipa Then, the seller hands you the transfer docs and you pay the balance. And it is the SALE AGREEMENT that documents this agreement beforehand.


Hio ni idea muzuri sana umepea talkers

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Would you pay money to an account name different from the name on the title?

He gave the lawyer. I looked at that guy and realized he wasn’t that bright. My point is, some of these lawyers work with the conmen to defraud people. The title the guy was shown belonged to an old lady wa pale gwa Kairu (Ruiru) and her grandson is the one who was faking the title deeds in concert with the guys at the Thika registry. wezi hao!

first get a copy of the documents to do a search

Hio ndio inafaa kuwa process, lawyer holds the money, the owner of land hands over the title, lawyer does due diligence, then hands over money to the seller and title to the buyer ikiwa things are okay, Shida ni siku hizi lawyers ni wezi pia


Hio ndio inafaa kuwa process, lawyer holds the money, the owner of land hands over the title, lawyer does due diligence, then hands over money to the seller and title to the buyer ikowa things are okay, Shida ni siku hizi lawyers ni wez

Nimekuskia baba, that is what raised my suspicion, paying 10% with the offer letter bila hata sale agreement

hope si ile ya hapo thika road…former samba…next to natives juu utakuwa umeji…nwei @sani ashasema

another thing, have your lawyer, not his


1.Wewe and you lawyer take all the papers to do your searches.
2. Draft the sale agreement,mwende bank wewe lawyer seller and the 10% weka kwa escrow account pale equity. Credit manager wa equiteee pea yeye 5k mwabie hio pesa achunge kama yake.
3.Do all the due diligence polepole.
4.If everything is alright lawyer to sanction the bank to pay the seller account if not ambia credit manager ulikua unagongwa hakurudishie pesa yako, ile 5k will do wonders.

the seller and the lawyer can not cheat you in this way. To sanction the transfer the lawyer na credit manager they HAVE to sign BOTH.So have the credit manager on your side. Unajua lawyer wont escape with your money ati hivo to the thin air but atakula then he will take you rounds adi uchoke.


Due diligence is paramount, this is a field that has so many conmens especially in urban areas

kama ni agriculture land make cap 302 of Kenya land laws you friend,

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Kwani alikuwa anawapatia in cash like it’s a drug deal? Hii ni hekaya

It’s advisable to use the services of a lawyer, especially one who has professional indemnity that can cover for any loss that you may incur due to his/her negligence.


Can you refer to one in particular?