watu hawashikangi adabu

Just read h[SIZE=4]ow investors were conned of Sh1bn by Kiambu couple:

[li]Alfred Wangai Mundia and Mercy Nkatha Kirimi, the owners of online forex trading firm VIP Portal, allegedly told clients that they would use their capital to trade stocks but fell back on the promise as soon as the money had been deposited into their account.[/li][li]Some 122 investors have lodged a class action suit against the forex trader seeking compensation for their money, which they claim has not matured one year after deposit, despite a guarantee that they would receive dividends on their cash within a month.[/li][li]The victims want the court to order the couple to refund their cash and pay them general damages for the broken promise.[/li][/ul]
hii mambo ya forex najuanga ni scam, niliwai poteza 60K kwa forex hadi nikasare.[/SIZE]

that couple stole 1b kenya shillings…, talk of enterprise

Iko wenye wamepoteza pesa zaidi ya hizo, believe me.

Family enterprise

But those guys had balls of iron…the investors should have asked themselves basic questions bana…but I blame the media as well for glorifying the guy by asking him to talk on live tv shows

sasa tunangoja kilio ya watu wa FEP

wajinga ndio waliwao most likely the deal looked too good to be true.

I have been conned, swindled, lied to, beaten, robbed, mugged, misled, cheated the only reason I am still around is to see what happens next.

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