Watermark Issues

sometime back members demanded for watermark to protect ktalk pics but now there is an outcry about the watermark issue. so would like to to ask for your opinion if we should do away with the watermark or if it should stay what improvements/changes should we make to it

Should be optional for original photos only and should be somewhere in the middle to avoid people cropping it out.


thank you. more suggestions please

Why not put up a poll?

This is a very lame question, we have tagged you a million times on the best watermarks that are not opaque.


Hii democracy mingi ndio inaharibu mambo kila mahali. Just put the darn watermark wale hawataki wajinyonge na big G:cool::cool:

@Deorro ile watermark tunataka nikama hio hapo chini
Sio huyo kidosho … hiyo imeandikwa GPL, fanya hivyo, hiyo maswali ingine wachia @Wakanyama ama @ekamsweu


Pelekeni maji ukambani aka turkana.
Kwani picha ni pesa?

Vile kush amesema

This is the only solution. A lil bit of democrazy and a lil bit of dictatorship…

You can not please all the people all the time. But you can please most of the people most of the time.

Put the damned watermark already n be done with it.

kazi ni kuuliza swali za karao

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@kush yule mnono, weka water mark ingine tuone

…just design a nice watermark, kama hiyo ya @[SIZE=4]kush yule mnono
sio kama kii
http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/ati.7328/ [/SIZE]

My 2 cents:

  1. Give the uploader the option of adding a watermark or not at the point of uploading. This option can be a very simple button box or check box.

  2. Make the watermark be those semi-conspicuous translucent type designs kama hio ya @kush yule mnono and it should appear at the centre of the image to avoid cropping as suggested by @Unicorn

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vile yunikon amesema

just do away with the whole watermark thing altogether, after all 99% of all the images uploaded here are not originals

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@Deorro, go to Adobe illustrator, open a new file, choose the text tool, choose your preferred font, select the size, choose the color, then type KenyaTalk. Com. Select the text then go to the transparency tool , select a transparency of 30% save file and voila! You have a watermark…
N. B all this should be done on a transparent background. Ukishindwa Mpesa lunch i do it for you . it takes less than 10 minutes sijui hii mambo ya one week inatoka wapi smh

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I suspect none of the moderators are conversant with graphics /web software… Manki nikararua ndizi tu, @Mundu Mulosi naye kungoja Kuku iive akikwarusa kitambi na mkebe ya busaa while @Deorro na @Electronics4u kuhawk memory card ndio zao. Which is a shame because in order to manage a website well one of the mods needs to have a grasp of the above. This is very basic stuff


Sasa kama hawa wako hivi, na wale wa Klost je?

am a pro at photoshop can make any type of watermark with it dude. ama unataka evidence? 10 mins is way too much for a watermark. what i was asking here is how you guys want the watermark position, fill/opacity level et kinda of replies

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