Water purifying business

Who has ventured in this biz ? Kindly advice if one has to start one.are the purifying machines available in kenya. Asandi sana

Google Davis & Shirtliff

Kuna wakati musito @incognitus alipost mbisha ya water purification machine hapa.

Kuja nikuuzie the purification system that i had bought and davis and shirtliff. I am no longer using it

Kwanza ujue safepak na ile chupa unataka kutumia, kwa muhindi kununua seals, ruiru kuna go down za kunua stickers, neema imekataa those plastic bags, cartons kariobangi that’s where I go for mine, kebs, inspection of your factory, the list is endless, a good UV purifier endea kwa Davis&shirtliff
. source of your water. I can show you the in and outs

all said market positioning pia iko kwa mix key considering that bottled water brands are in hundreds.

Very profitable, and flooded, and yet very risky for those who are not licensed, out of ten brands in the market 7 are not registered, they operate illegally. But to me market is never an issue

@suspect , na Capital tunaongelea kiasi gani ndugu yangu?

The best but also the most expensive.
Kuna zingine like kridha that have equally good machines na bei ya mkulima mdogo

Capacity and how much?


Thanks alot ,will get intouch ,initial capital kama ngapi?

250 litres per hour. 80k plus installation. I will do it personally. 5 filters and uv unit. 1 pump too

This is a biz with very high returns considering that bottled water is highly overpriced. The sad truth is that very little purification goes on, the uptake of bottled water is based mainly on the false belief that anything that is bottled is safe.

Who told you that… I have three friends who couldn’t sustain losses of this business and closed shop…supply is ten times bigger than demand.market is saturated…Maybe purify tap water profit margins can go up
Lakini kila MTU na bahati yake

Well… That really I can’t specify, coz there are many factors involved ie. Is the source of water nearby, do you have a tank, do you have means of transport, do you have a mini factory, as for me I had to build one, a good UV purifier 100-150k.depending na mfuko yako. License, kebs, kra, registration of business, inspection of the factory, some information siwezi anika Hapa. But if you want to do the illegal way ukiwa na 30k you are good to go. As I said earlier very profitable for the illegal ones thus driving the legal ones out of bizna, but mtu akishikwa hawezi jitoa. I can show you an unexploited market in the water industry and how to be ahead of your competitors.

Taking tap water and passing it through a machine whose function you dont even understand and then bottling it and putting stickers displaying that its mineral water complete with % mineral composition (yet you have not done any analysis and have no clue on how such analysis is done)and then selling 10 liters of that water at 250 bob is quite a profitable venture. Which other industry can one make such obscene profits?

You underestimate competition in business. Hii business wakati ilianza watu walinukisha kitunguu sana. Now, any idiot with a million bob ventures into it. Kenya is a copycat economy. The sooner you realize that, the better.

Nyamaza tu mdau kama huelewi hii maneno. That water goes to lab before upate cert.
Anyway siri ya maji ni kuuza as close as possible to your source. Usipitishe 50km radius ukianza unless unauza in trucks.

70% of bottled water in 254 does not pass the minimum test for pH, dissolved solids, microbial content etc. And having a piece pf paper in the name of certificate does not mean your water is okay. The main reason why bottled water is even a thing is because people are extremely gullible and have been brainwashed to believe that anything thats bottled is safe, yet the normal kanjo tap water is already safe for human consumption as long as it’s boiled.

The competition is indeed very high in this business, which lead to very low margins. However, if you manage to find market for your product then there might be a chance that you sustain in business. Look at all aspects of your business plan and then make final decision to invest or not