water politics

rais ameongea,maji hutoka kwa mungu,so nyinyi watu wa muranga mkijaribu kusabotage mifereji ya kuleta maji nairobi mtaona moshi

hio collection point at ndakaini Nairobi county ililipa wenye hio mashamba fidia

Niaje General Kiguoya long time man!!

Nani mwingine alisikia Uhunye akisema “maji ni [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]kipeo kutoka Mungu” :D:D:D

maji ni kipeo na raslimali yetu

Uhuru is full of hypocrisy so nothing new here. Wasn’t he who negotiated with the Turkana community how much share they get from the oil proceeds that is being mined by Tullow Oil?
Wa Iria should stop demanding for cash and start pumping water from Ndakaini Dam to the homes in Murang’a County. After all, Murang’a people need piped water and there is water in the county.

correction,collection point ndio iko muranga na wenye hio mashamba walilipwa fidia na NCC,maji yatoka milima ya aberdare

Yes but Murang’a people are as much Kenyan as people of Nairobi. Isn’t water a national asset?

Kipeo = kiheo

si mujenge dams zenu ama mchimbe boreholes,ile njia mnataka kuchukua embu county itaanza kudai kenya power

You know the collection point doesn’t have to be Ndakaini Dam. Murang’a can collect water upstream before it reaches Ndakaini Dam. Ama pia the river was paid for by NCC?
What I’m trying to say is Uhuru cannot claim water is a national asset while agreeing to revenue sharing formular with another county. That’s hypocritical

Compensation calls come in because Murang’a residents are not allowed to use the water. They should be given alternatives or compensated to get the alternatives.

Let the nature take it’s course

wakameat leo amekuwa msomi.

Na mnangoja firimbi? Si mjaribu kugusa hayo maji ndio mjue Nairobi ndio kusema…

Huko Lower Muranga, parts of Maragua, Makuyu, Kabati huwa hawapati Kitu

You need to invest heavily in oil exploration drilling and extraction before you get the product out of the ground.
What investment has Murang’a county done to locate the water and bring it to the surface?

If that’s the logic, then one can argue Turkana county didn’t invest anything for the oil exploration, drilling and extraction. It’s all Tullow and national govt

How come Turkana is entitled to a share of the revenues and just like Murang’a it’s only claim to fame is being the geographic location of oil? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Hakuna haja ya vita, Murang’a will get that water whether nairobi likes it or not. Wa Iria is not a clown like Waititu you can bet your salary on that one

I hope so. If others are getting a share for their natural resources then so should muranga. Uhuru apeleke hio kipeo yake kwake Kiambu