Watchini TV hapa

We’re still growing, but our focus is on great design.

Weka eburu.

Great stuff, shida sasa ni bundles

Wacha nijaribu, thengio

We’re still in talks with them.

Karibu tena sana. Ongeza kwa bookmarks.

Don’t worry. Tunafika level ya Singapore soon. Compare attached photos.

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Directorate of e-government. I see

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Weka Supersport

Nice stuff ,you should consider coming up with an app e.g android app, it complements the above, I can help if need be.

Bossbuda, I was visiting a police friend of mine there. I’m in the private sector, ha-ha.

We would love to, but they wouldn’t, yet.

In the works, and it’s cross-platform. Shukran.

Hebu cheki hapa. Not sure if it’s there, I haven’t had a look recently:

Hata asante hamna. Just demanding.

No sweat, man. Clients ndio Mufasa (king) kwa biz.
But… the occassional big up like yours is appreciated. Shukran.
Make it your go-to TV site.

hiyo ni net ya wapi?!?

Singapore. Wanaitwa ViewQwest.

for both pics?

Nyingine ni ya shule.

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