Who’s in the watches/jewellery business? I need some information. Any help highly appreciated.

I have a gshock watch for sale hapa classified section

That’s what you do ama hii ni a one off sale?

what are you looking for exactly between KES600-170K inbox style,colour material and date of delivery

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and brand

Ongea na @Tom Bayeye hapo juu, very professional! Just waiting for payday.

Say what info you need ndio tujue how to help you.

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What exactly are you looking for? I don’t have my own business but I can help you with some advice. I’m a jewelry lover. I keep my collection of jewelry since I was a child. I can say that I have a big experience in ordering from different sites. Till now one of the best site that I found and that have a good quality of the products and the best prices. So this is the site I have never had problems with these guys. If you are interested in this and have some questions you can write me in PM. I’ll help you.

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I’m also looking for some info about watches. To be more precise, I’m looking for info on wether it’s worth investing in luxury watches, with all smart watches available on the market.

I might not be a pro in the watches and jewelry business, but I’m all ears to help out! Whether you’re curious about watch trends, jewelry design, or anything in between, feel free to spill the beans on what you’re looking for. I’ll do my best to dig up some info that might tickle your fancy. If you’re into watches, there’s this interesting post I stumbled upon about Lending against fine watches. It’s like a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of luxury watches. It might give you some cool insights if you’re curious about the finer details.

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