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For the most part of the past 2years, i’ve had quite an attraction to the seiko 5 watches. In particular, the SNK807 & SNK809. However, landing my hands on one locally has been quite the task. In that period, their prices have risen while i’ve started wanting/being a collector of a small sort .

That said, this thread is for:
[li]Links/contacts to any ‘good’ local seller of the said watches or any other timepieces (GMTs, chronos, homages, … ). So far, i’ve stumbled into who atleast dont have overprised items.[/li][li]If you have a piece(new or used) and are disposing, share it below, you might find a buyer.[/li][li]Off-course, feel free to share what you have, hata kama ni Breitlin or Casio F-91, tusafishe macho nayo.[/li][li]If you have orgasms staring at the likes of Citizen promaster and others, tusaidiane kusoma comments [/li][/ol]

Nikiweka nitaambiwa nafloss,:D:D:D:D
Good to know theres a watch connoiseur

Kama sio hublot mimi siko


Kifaranga cha admin

Tuliza nyege kinyozi, replicas don’t count

Ghasia heshimu kitunguu ya mwingine.

Weka tuone ligi yako

Kalisha curren watch yako kwa drawer kwanza then ukuje nikuskize. You are meffi to my eyes


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Inakaa ya Fred Flintstone hii:D

ua hio kinyozi:D

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Been rocking this Auto Seiko 5 for years now that’s even older than several talkers here… Early 90s piece that’s still kicking. Was my old man’s back in the day. Bora iskie movement it keeps going[ATTACH=full]340435[/ATTACH]

a very good piece!

Saa ya ‘majira’ .

Wekelea. Patia sisi motivation. Meanwhile, niliona mtu pahali na Omega Seamaster Diver , siku hizi naamka 3am .

Maisha ni ku sample. Kuna mali safi kadhaa zenye hazivunji bank.