Watch Kenyan TV and read Daily newspapers online

Hey guys am in the process of developing a Website that will enable you to view Local news, Breaking news and local tv from your computer or smartphone online.
Have a look at
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I will be updating you guys as time goes by.
Let me know what you think

Upus peleka HUKOOO--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Mharo.(mpasho), ama Facebook.

hizi vitu tumezoea, :mad::mad: weka mbicha ya ukiwa in the process ama ni hekaya


tutaclick ukimaliza

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How different is it from kenyamoja?

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y wld it matter if am the first to know?!:confused:

he he You’ll see how different it will be in terms of viewer hierarchy and user experience

nieke nikue moderator huko, i have a vast experience from Mashada, Klist and now hapa.


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Wewe New Villager, usijifanye vile wewe ni jogoo huku

Sawa Morgan, maliza kujenga tutaclick ukimada. Tutaweza kupost picha huko?


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What will you give us that Kenyamoja doesn’t already

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You will be able to read newspapers online.
And a great user experience compared to what is already there

Unataka kuweza kupost photos?

You better get an Asian host that doesn’t care. As soon as nmg or standard hear about you violating their policies your site might come down

kweli kweli… kwanza Standard…