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[SIZE=6]DCI hold two men found with slain businessman’s phone[/SIZE]
By Joseph NdundaJanuary 21st, 2020 1 min read
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Dancun Muthoka and Ian Kariuki at Makadara law courts on Monday. PHOTO | JOSEPH NDUNDA

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is holding two youthful men who found with a mobile phone belonging to a businessman who was found murdered at his house in Kayole.
Dancun Kimeu Muthoka and Ian Kariuki are detained at Kayole police station as detectives look for a suspect who sold them the mobile phone.
Peter Mihunyo was found dead inside his house on December 26 with bodily injuries and his phone missing.
Muthoka was found with Mihunyo’s phone and he told detectives that his friend Kariuki approached him to buy the gadget, which was being sold by the missing suspect.

“We are still pursuing the one at large whom we highly suspect is the key suspect who will unearth what transpired as we are still processing his call data,” detective constable Victor Odhiambo of Kayole DCI offices said in application for custodial orders at Makadara law courts on Monday.
Odhiambo was seeking courts orders to detain the two for 14 days to assist in investigations into Mihunyo’s murder.
Mihunyo’s wife Emily Wangechi reported to police that she travelled to Nakuru on December 19 and left her husband in Nairobi and she did not receive any communication from him until December 25 when she decided to return to check on him the next day.
She found the door closed from inside and with help of neighbours, broke in only to find Mihunyo’s body lying on his bed. Senior resident magistrate Merissa Opondo allowed detention of Muthoka and Kariuki.

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Second hand phones can show you fire

Watu wakiambiwa waachane na hizi simu za 2nd hand hawaskii. Wacha miccondu ipanuliwe panu panu ndio washike adabu.

It doesn’t add up. Dead man locked himself after being slain?

phone za mchele

Maybe they fled thru the window to make it look like suicide. This is v poor journalism.

My brother once bought a used phone for cheap compared to its going price. Kidogo tunasikia bro anasakwa na makarau. Alikujiwa na mariamu ikasimamishwa kwa gate. Wazazi hawajui whats going on. Wacha waambie bro is in a possession of stolen phone. Na ati mwenyewe alipigwa vita mbaya. Luckily bro aliwapeleka kwe mwenye alimuuzia. Guy had a shop of some sort so wakaachilia bro still after kutukula doh wakaanza kufuatana na muuzaji. He was lucky. Told him to never ever buy a used phone. Some cops can come up with a story of how the owner got killed na sasa uko na kesi ya wizi na mauaji while ni mind game wanakuchezea. Mtauza hadi shamba ndio ujitoe kwa hiyo ngori

2017 nili buy second hand phone pale olx we ile mbio CID walinionyesh siwezi jaribu tena