Somali & Muslim people should stand up and protest against what Al shabaab is doing. Al shabaab claim they are fighting Kenyans because KDF killed their children and women in Somalia which as we all know is propaganda. From what i know is that since KDF took control of Alshabaab controlled villages the somalis have had a better life. During Alshabaab reign no one was allowed to watch EPL, swim in the sandy beaches and many more recreational activities but now they do,

Somali people should now be holding placards condemning the alshabaab terrorist attacks on Kenyan peace makers instead they keep mum as if nothing happened. My 2cents is that if these Somali people do not show remorse then KDF should pull out and come back home. They should shift their base(s) to the Extensive Kenya Somali border to prevent any Alshabaab crossing into Kenya. Let Alshabaab and Somali deal with each other wamalizane. When u go to stop two brothers fighting each other and then they turn against u what does one do? unawachana nao wamalizane, Even USA walichoka na hawa watu after Black hawk down.

Before u start saying ati ooh somali people are innocent and its the alshabaab to blame let me educate u.
Why do u think the attacks on our soldiers were well calculated and coordinated? Its because the said innocent somalis were feeding Alshabaab with vital info about KDF. “Ati wariah enda bahali hio wakati ya 3.00am hio wagati KDF yote imelala fofofo wariah”.

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Do you think a placard will succeed where the gun failed?


Demos work wonders. They can demoralize the enemy . Look here this is an enemy who is claiming he is fighting for somalis so when somalis themselves tell them NO THANKYOU it will demoralize them

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Why should they demonstrate. They do not know our intentions and quite honestly we are looking to install a puppet gov there. They have seen masters come and go.

The only Somali Opinion that they care about is the one within the borders of Somalia. And if those go ahead lift placards they will end up dead. You think Al-Shabaab cares about opinions? do you think they themselves believe they are fighting for the Somalis? the answer is NO. They have their own interests and bringing in the “Fight for Somalis” narrative is just a smokescreen. In short they will not care what the Somalis think. The best the Somalis can do is to offer information on the whereabouts of the Alkebabs to Kenyan forces.



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USA ilishindwa Kenya ndio itawesa kweli

Well said especially the somali offering info part

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US drones have killed some of its leaders and we were told alshabaab terror attacks are the last kicks of a dying horse but it seems they’re getting more lethal than ever before.

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They got 7000 to 9000 fighters, that is alot, going by news reports they used 400 fighters to attack the Kenyan Base

From the above article i found this…si nimesema locals were snitches

The investigation also seeks to establish reports that some local residents and elements within the SNA aided the assault on the KDF camp.

Black hawk down was a snatch and grab that had been projected to last two hours. The americans had a small team of rangers and a handful of delta force. Helicopters circling above were transport helis not attack helis. If they had taken the appropriate equipment for a sustained battle, how do you think the result would be?

this is tough times for Kenya. lets pray for victory and courage for our army in Somali. i particularly feel for the families affected by this El Adde assault.


Who is funding that al shabaab and why can’t their funding source be neutralized. You will be surprised to discover that some of those funding are right in Kenya. You will also be surprised to note that some people from a certain religion are celebrating quietly. The government should stand firm and wipe out al-shabaab sympathizers atleast from Kenya to weaken them further and try to contribute to peace in Somalia.


Most of Al shabaab funding comes from Somalis in the diaspora. USA, Europe and Australia and akina white widow

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reports say the alshabab were about 400 in number. That kind of number advancing on a military camp and managing to ambush them should really concern the government. Could it be that the boys raised alarm but Nairobi took too long to respond? Or could it be that they that had isht intelligence? How long does it take an F5 to cover 500km?

The troops were about 150 I hear.

I suppose the SNA was also in the same camp yet Alshabab managed to neutralize everyone to a man,managed to confiscate and drive away with our hardware…doesnt add up

There are very many sympathizers within our borders, traitors they are.

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What more does a born Garissa Somali guy have to do with the war in Somalia than you who was born in another part of Kenya?

This is what we should have done in the first place. Kenya has no business appointing itself as the regional police, a habit that US is notorious for

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