washing machine

What are the specs to look in a domestic washing machine cum dryer machine?

Umechoka kutumia mikono?

Lipa mboch…create employment.

And possibly marry her :smiley:


tafuta bibi

upole udhumishwe, priss

hapa kuuliza for advice on a friday night ni bure…

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hii post monday… watu wanajibu kama walevi

Check for washing and drying capacity. Pay attention to the efficiency of dry cycle coz some combos are unable to remove moisture adequately. Go for one with a dryer vent. Power consumption,water efficiency and any other special functions you think you might need like cycles for wool,spin speed,extra rinse,iron dry, compatiments for bleach or fabric softener and don’t forget the size too.


Better pay ata kama ni mama wa kufua.Comes in handy during a dryspell or those days you’re in no mood to chase after coomer and you’e horny AF.

Lg direct motor for efficiency

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Thank you @Unicorn,
@Marverick…any more specs?

dont buy a combo, ziko overrated utapata bills kubwa za stima and u will still have to hang nguo zingine nje… nunua washing machine hang nguo nje solar ni free

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Thank you guys, heeded some advice and got me a good LG, non combo

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na how much?