Washing machine

I think washing machine should be banned in Kenya, it has made many women lazy… Ever since washing machine was introduced and became affordable, some women now feel washing their husbands clothes with there bare hands makes them slaves in their homes.
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Promote your thread without tagging me. Actually, thought I blocked this handle among your many which you can call on right now to give yourself useless meaningless likes?
Truth be said…you lead a lonely shallow life. Broke. Else you would stop creating handles to stalk online people you will never meet.

Now run off and teach your nyukwa and mukaguo how to wash clothes.

Such pedestrian reasoning is the reason why we continue having idiots elected as leaders. Yaani kichwa umesema ikuwe wallet ya meno kijana? Hutaki ata kutumia akili kidogo uone hii hapa ni ujinga umeandikia wanakijiji?

In the 21st century, we use technology to make our chores easier. At least she will have time to deal with the things that no machine can replace like cuddling her baby and you also… Let us stop being backward and use our brains.

We are in 2019 - i have 3 washing machines in my house. If a machine to wash me too is invented, i will be first to buy

Well do you marry a woman to become your maid of wife.
It’s either you are still a small unmarried boy or those kwa kimila yetu people.
A man of the house will willingly buy a washing machine for the household to reduce the work load involved, heck even buy a dishwasher…



@Mrs Shosho how are you?

Gud how are you keeping? Just loaded a full wash kwa washing machine as the sun is out.

:D:D:D:D:D:Dhard tackle

take the opportunity to fuack her when machine is washing clothes.

Speaking of multi handles, you did not reply with @Miss Finest Wine handle

You can reply using it if you can. I cannot access it and that is how I lost it. Tired so tired of explaining this.

Son, you suffer from superiority complex. A woman is to be your helper not your slave. You seem to be a controlling person. You must have faced a troubled upbringing.

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People who constantly think and write about someone jameni. Jipe heshima or see a Dr.


Im fine thank you

It is the same person bado @Miss Finest Wine atakukojolea tu vile @Mrs Shosho anakukojolea.

MoD no probs. Are you able to merge the kojoa handles?..else…shaddaf pls.