Washika dau nisaidieni kwa mawaidha!

Good people am in a sort of a dilemma and i have come to wits end on what step to take next.Early December 2017 i came home in the evening and gave a pep talk to my daughter who is in primary school on the virtues of hard work,i explained to her that i had met her cousin who is the daughter to my younger brother and she had done exemplary well in her end year exams as i extolled on the virtues of diligence my wife blew her top and told me to stop comparing our girl with other kids this escalated into a shouting match and i let her know in no uncertain terms that she is green with envy about the family of my younger brother(she actually doesn’t talk to my brothers wife).
We had our dinner and off i went to bed early.I waited for her to come to bed but she didn’t,i went to the living room and i found her sleeping on the couch(we have a 3 bedroom apartment).I did not talk to her and thought that that was her way of cooling off. A week later i asked her to come to bed and she told me she is not interested and that i can go ahead and get a woman of my liking and bring her to our bed.Well i said to myself maybe she needs some time out so i let her be.Two weeks,three weeks,one month,two months finally it has been three months since she moved out of our matrimonial bed.We have not been intimate for that long and this looks like it will not end soon.I am the family’s sole provider and i go flat out to make my family as comfortable as possible,am a good provider and i give my family the best i can.Some five years ago she packed her things and went back to her parents place and even during that time i continued to provide for them as a job she had secured could not provide them the lifestyle they were used to while they were at my place.After a few months she came back and no sooner had she settled than these nasty arguments began.
One thing i know for sure is that she hates my family with a passion(siblings and parents)She wants me to cut links with them so that we have a happy life.My big question is should i cut ties with my family so that i can have peace with her?Is it normal for a wife to deny the husband his conjugal rights because of such a mundane thing as an argument?Is this emotional blackmail and terrorism enough grounds for me to ask for a separation?

a whole novel juu ya kunyimwa kuma!?wonders will never cease

Relationship = Trust +Respect + Communication

She has no respect for you and your family.
She doesn’t love you anymore but she won’t leave because you provide for her.
There’s nothing left to salvage here.
End this relationship.

Ask yourself, what would kabaka mutesa do?

Thanks bro Kabuda.

Dear Lord please guide me and my fellow young bachelors like @denis young @grandpa @Jimit and all the others I have forgotten to make wise choices when it comes to marrying so that we do not get ulcers like this guy, amen.

The real Kabaka had no such problems,he had a harem,i have none.

i am sorry about what you are going through. your marriage needs a reset.

“Should I cut ties with my family”
Seriously! Because of a kunguru??

Reset button iko wapi?

How many wives did your grandfather have?

No, a marriage shouldn’t be so easily broken. There’s kids involved and much more to salvage. Mutesa, do you guys go to church? If so, involve your pastor. Go for counseling but do not cheat on her or think of divorce. Find out why she’s angry with life. Is she having an extra marital affair? What happened along the way, over the years?? I’m sure when you married her she wasn’t acting this way.

:D:D:D:D When we said here that we won’t marry at least for now watu walikuwa wanaona kama mchezo.

The truth is though that there are good women out there but if they handle themselves like children when things are not good then know you fucked up. At least before you have a legally binding marriage first live with her for even two years and see how she handles herself. Manufacture a monetary crisis and see how she handles it and never tell her you were testing her. Life is too short to be soldered at the hip with the devil.

Shida hapa noma.

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umepata reason ya kutokuoa?

You are right,when we started she was an angel.We do go to church but am afraid to involve the pastor because i know this issue will become the subject of gossip for the next few weeks.We cant involve parents because she says my parents tend to side with me.Once i paid for very expensive counseling sessions but she said that the counselor was apparently siding with me because i was the one paying for the sessions.

Niongeze kwa hiyo list


umeniibia mabibi wawili huku tayari. Ni we we ndio hunimaliza kisiasa