Was Trump doing it just for Approval rating

Whatever this guy does is just stupid. From the tarrifs to Iranian confrontation he is just stupid.

huawei is back but the trust is gone. i doubt Huawei will ever trust those jackals again

The worst thing is that he has sped up te process of os development by foreign companies creating unnecessary competition for the west. Just stupid.

I guess the stupidity of one buffoon is good for the world.

I thought you are pro-trump

well obviously however gave him such advice made a bad decision and trump has decided to backtrack. Huawei has been throwing almost 30 billion dollars annually in cold hard cash at US companies for the past 10 years. They will feel the pinch very soon

Na si ukuwe president basi juu you are very smart… smarter than Trump even.

Have you negotiated a country’s trade deficit before? Yaani uketi chini and try and figure out how to reduce imports and increase exports within 4 years of your presidency.

Have you reviewed any trade agreements in your lifetime? Going through the clauses line by line to see who is abusing who?

Imeshinda hadi Gathecha. He has never addressed Kenya’s trade deficit with China. Other than the meagre avocado deal he got recently.

Oh please. Where are these O.Ss you folks are talking about? Ziko wapi?

Hakuna ni Xi Jinping aliona mzee kando. “Look here Mr.Trump Huawei are in a bad shape right now. Thousands of jobs are on the line… lets talk, we are listening…”

Why would Huawei wait until 2019 to build an O.S. ?

If they were ever serious and if they were capable, then they would’ve began selling their own phones with their own O.Ss years ago.

The way Steve Jobs did it. Product and O.S.

The guy can get away with it because it’s America, any other country wouldn’t have dared, and now Huawei are back like nothing ever happened.

Trump never reads intelligence briefings, what makes you think he would have the time or capacity to read deep trade agreements?

If that is so what agreement has he brokered because he is your saviour. Just admit he lost this one. He wanted to sacrifice the revenues of multiple US companies at the expense of huawei.

So says the fake news media. Na hata hawajui intelligence briefing ya U.S president inakaa aje haswa.

Niliskia wakisema ati inaletwa every morning in a notepad form asome… come on… intelligence ni 24 hour briefings. 24 hour happenings. Round the clock briefings. Hata akikunia anaambiwa through the toilet door what just happened.

You guys really underestimate Trump. Akiingia hio white house he already knew what trade agreements he will touch. What he will adjust.

Sio ati ukuwe president ndio ujue, you do your homework way before you get to the white house.

I will correct this from never to hardly

Carter confirmed it, Trump won nothing but became president through Russian hacking.
Do you ever see how the ever antagonistic Trump defers to Putin.
In his presence Trump is like a naughty boy appearing before the principal.
American media, people are all over complaining about it but a black as coal illegal immigrant wants to convince us otherwise.

Si it’s a currently on going process. No one knows what is being discussed between the US and China. Si ni team zilichaguliwa na hawajamaliza negotiations. Ama you are not aware? Ni kitu inaandelea since 2017. It will probably even end after Trump is long gone… or not at all.

Wewe unafikiria ati ni negotiation ya siku moja. No way. To adjust a tax deficit takes time. It also includes expanding the economy.

Right now wanaangalia taxes ama tariffs between both nations among other assorted subjects.

Na sio China pekee. It’s happening with other trade partners as well.

Who the heck is Carter? Huyo ni has been. Zero impact.

Secondly Jimmy Carter is a Democrat and this is campaign season. Democrats are looking for that kind of talk right now.

Ni kama Ruto akienda kuona Moi. Si ati ni kitu lifechanging. But if Moi said Ruto tosha itaongeza ka chumvi kidogo kwa supu.

Trump said recently in some videos I posted and you fellows ignored, he said if Putin had a choice he would’ve preffered Hillary a candidate he has known and worked with for many years rather than this stranger from New York.

The best thing. He showed his cards, and then Boeing happened.

Hapo hata ndugu Peremende hawezi kana.

The only good thing to come from this is that it will accelerate the fall of the West. Now the Chinese will be planning ahead like crazy. Huawei had even said that they will incur revenue falls of about 30b US untill 2022, but would recover from then when they would have rolled out their OS and developed their own chips.