Was this really necessary?

Isn’t this akin to shaming the young girl, pinning her for public ridicule? Really unfortunate!


I agree. Why take the video? Righteous indignation probably best explains it.

One philosopher was once said that the most evil people are often those with the strongest instinct to punish. This right here is exhibit A.

She is trouble…

Soooooo sad,hope those culprits(Bena & sure bet) will be caught and brought to book.

I can tell that she was raised by a single mother with no father figure in her life to guide her.
Ndio maana anakaa akisema venye anaenda kwa “shosho”.
Huyu akona serious daddy issues.
That’s why she’s attracted to older men with families.

But why record? Kenyan teachers are self-righteous low IQ bonobos.

To some extent, students and teachers have the same reasoning capacity.

Regardless mtoto amekosa au la,hio ni corporal punishment kwanza wanampa kumfanya apige magoti,recording her is even worse,sharing the recording in ktalk is even worserer:D:D
Heads will roll for this

So wamexpose mtoto kwa @uwesmake ambaye tutamskia ako Siakago on undisclosed missions. So terrible.

The father is the one recording and asking the questions…

Sikua nimemaliza findio. Mzae ameinsist hapo kwa ngwati…“nani alikutoa nguo?”…“mlikua na tirasti?”…“hamukutumia tiratsi?”…“mulifanya hivyo?”…

I was raised in shagz and these things used to happen, its only that there were no phone to chat, record nor call. My first galfriend, used to be munched by an older dude without my knowledge,mind you, she was in form 1. That lady really broke my heart and made me never to respect any woman expect my mother.
Charity, wherever you are…urahaicwo ni ngoma

:D:D karibu aulize " uliskia anje" :D:D:D

Walimu huwa na ufala mingi sana. Advise on the pros and cons plus maybe punitive action is suffice. Reminds me of a time when my classmate alishikwa na simu tukiwa form 4 term 2 holiday tuition. Academic master jibaba na akili zake asked him names of people in his contact list. Most were students, halafu inawatumia texts za ku uliza “tuition iko aje?”. Ukijibu una simu shule. Goo thing none was responded to

I really doubt that is the father…If he is, why record and have his daughter humilated and ridiculed online?

Alafu anauliza maswali zingine ni kama anataka kunyonga monkey chini ya maji.

“Ulikuwa umevaa nini?” Bra na panty.
“Sasa alafu…Mkaingia kwa kitanda, maliza”.

And mind you, it’s said that the guy shouting in that clip is her father. Can’t parents and teachers too reprimand kids privately without parading their shame to the public!

Very odd questions from a father to his daughter.

Usikiza poa utasikia akimwita daddy…
What they did is unforgivable but if you listen to her you can tell she is trouble and probably mzazi amefika mwisho.

‘Bena’ nashuku ako hapa kwa kijiji - ajisalimishe tu akachunishwe sukuma. @Micymas anaweza kuwa ‘bena’?

Uki Record mtoto wangu hivii nitachinja mtu

That’s the dad questioning, na mjamaa ati ako na wife