Was there Slave Trade in Kenya

Nimeskia fununu about slave trade in Mumias and the islands like Manda, any historian to shed light? When I was in Lamu I was told there was an underground tunnel slaves used from Lamu to Zanzibar. Alot of Giriamas were sold as slaves via that underground tunnel. Also inhabitants of Farza Island. Mix of Arabs and Giriama. Not Swahilis. Banjunis. Any curator who can fafanua. I find this shit very fascinating bcz my own people came from Manda Island as per our creation story. And the interesting part is. There are alot of my people still in Manda Island. Lamu Island. Farza Island, Malindi, Mambrui.



Wabukusu karibu 1 million walipelekwa mainly Brazil na USA according to my ancestral history materials

Whoever told you the fununu was the best person to show you the tunnel.

Slave trade probably happened at the coast. But Mumias I doubt. One thing I know is that with the advent of cheap DNA testing , a lot of people are doing their DNA analysis to track their ancestral origin. Mostly what I read from black Americans is that their DNA is West African.

Lol. Walipelekwa wakatuma barua home ati they are in Chicago?

offcourse . the islamic slave trade took more ppl than the transatlantic slave trade … the kamba and arab traders ndio waliingia interior and captured ppl .

Your ‘own people’ came from Manda island …yet you call the Bajunis…Banjuni

Wewe ni ile takataka ya Mokowe na si Manda …jinga mcoondu pumbaffff!

Every Sunday in church utapata slaves wakipatia their sweat to massa. Ata leo

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But tuambiane tu ukweli, hutoki Manda …wewe ni mtu wa Mokowe, Hindi or Mpeketoni… but Manda, No.

Hindi ni wapi? That village where they sell chocolate? But my ancestors came from Manda. You know I was shocked how many of my peeps are in those maeneos. Kweli East or West home is best. It’s like being in shags. My vernacular everywhere.

Mpeketoni ni ya wasapere Jameni. The first time I landed there. I had hitch hiked a lift in a lorry from Mambrui with a certain Arab, I thought I was in an Akorino village. Dang! These kiyuks are loyal. Hata accent ya Coast hawana Jameni. It’s like being in the middle of kikuyu land. Then everything is called Kenyatta. Si Hawa watu wanaabudu Hilo Jina? But your alshapap walifanya mbaya kuua their men. I saw that video Alshapap took. It was bad. Those people are very innocent sio wakora kama wasapere wa Bara.

The Arab slave trade extended from southeast-east-central-north&west Africa there are Ethiopians with luhya ancestry

The slave trade definitely took place at the coast history booksand historical sites prove that this is a fact. Enda wasini and they will show you where slaves were kept as they waited to be shipped off to what we call the gulf states and middle east today.

Wewe uko na nguvu gani ya kurape Ata inzi. Enda gym kwanza inzi hii.

Kuna kazi walifanya kweri ama ni kuvuta bhangi, kukula sembe, uroda na mucene 24’7?

Kenyans Ware sold to brokers uko Zanzibar, kina tipu, tip and sayid said.

Mumias is majority moslem. I understand that they were exported to Yemen.

the arabs castrated all the men to avoid ‘contamination’ - that’s y hakuna black arabians …hii arab / islamic slave trade was hell . You will hate arabs ukijua what they did.

Lamu ama Shimoni, wewe unajua kile unaongea, ati a tunnel from Lamu to Zanzibar! wewe ata coast hauja fika na unasema you are from those tribes

slavery existed in the coastal Kenya up to 100km from the coast, the Arab slavers couldn’t go an further than that as they came in contact with the Massai and other inland tribes who didnt leave their people to be taken by the slavers. it also existed in the modern day Western Kenya areas that close to the Baganda. the slavers went round through modern day Mozambique and areas of Tanganyika bypassing Nyamwezi land. The most notorious slaver was Tippu Tip from Zanzibar who died in 1905. May he burn in hell as well as Leopold.