Was Kenya signing the EPA a mistake?

Back in 2015, Uhuru’s government celebrated victory by quickly signing the EU led EPA protocols which would halt the issuance of traffis on our exports to the EU mainly flowers. Tea and Coffee are already exempted from such tariffs so those sectors would have remained unaffected.

Kenya’s only value to the EU is its horticultural products. ( UK and Netherlands)

We don’t export any machinery

We don’t export any chemicals

We don’t export petroleum or important minerals

The entire deal would only add 0.3% to our GDP every year is basically peanuts seeing how fast our debt and population is increasing. We need to form stronger trade deals that not only increase our GDP but put enough people in jobs so uplifting as many people out of poverty.

kuna doc. nimecheki DW venye hii maneno naumisa wakulima cameroon due to cheap imports

Just know by him signing this there was something in it for him, his business or his extended famo. This guy is not for us and is not with us.

Yes, the only way to seriously address massive unemployment is for the GoK to be very aggressive in increasing manufacturing capacity, but before all that new laws on regulating the energy act are needed.

That is Kenya for you, low IQ leaders who dont plan ahead of care about the future of the country. Magufuli om the other hand is smart and quickly linked the deal to neo colonialism, with great leadership like Magufuli, dont be surprised when Tanzania get ahead of kenya because while Tanzania is waiting for deals to become in their favour Kenya is signing deals with everyone and getting ceumbread results ans cheering for having great economy growth, but when other countries are making better deals which takes more time they will surpass Kenya when they sign those better deals.

Just move to Tanzania, no need to preach.

We are here to preach the truth and you seem upset with the truth…

Unfortunately you don’t a parliament for new laws and the while it’s very clear we have an executive, it’s too busy eating roadside roast maize and sitting in vibandas to come up with any sensible policy.

Hio picha naumiza mimi

Your truth is irrelevant to this discussion. Go out and play with makufuli.

Keep living in fairytale fool.