Warunge still unfit for trial

Warunge still has drug induced Psychosis in spite of being on medication at the Industrial Area remand. Magistrate concerned has advised that he be transferred back to Mathare and be reexamined by 15th March for his next mention. The psychiatrist says he has paranoid schizophrenia that was induced by use of bhangi and alcohol. Over to you @Jaweed in the studio.

At no single time has bangi caused psychosis

So say the “experts”–what would the psychiatrist know? In their experience, weed is an amazing grass with a myriad of exciting benefits.

TrumanCapote do we acknowledge mental health issues or not…

The fact that it has not caused you any psychosis doesn’t mean it cannot induce pyschosis in other people.
Actually it is the most common cause of psychosis in our setting currently

All drugs open people up to demonic possession. I even want to get off pharmaceutical drugs.