warning to uhuru

I understand he is under pressure but i have to warn him, he is letting kina waititu and others do whatever they want to mock the other side. 2002 he had a chance of becoming a president had the opposition not united, he had rift valley votes but kikuyus denied him because he was said to be a mungiki member and the group was instilling fear in mount kenya.
In 2007 after backing kibaki and war erupted, he was again victimized and taken to icc because he was said to have mobilized the same group to carry out the retaliatory attacks in naivasha.
Now here we are again his supporters are organizing thugs and going live in television to send a message that they are ready.
Please someone tell uhuru incase of repeat of 2007, the evidence is all over the social media.
Remember you are waking up a group that is not so friendly to people even in your strong hold.
Contain maina kamanda, murathe and waititu coz they are going too far.

be careful where you go sticking your fingers…one day, you will finger the wrong entity. and it will rear up and fuck you beyond your wildest nightmare!

Missing part of tbe action are you?


why dont you tell him personally. juu you are the one who’s noticed that

Who tha fuck are you?

Why don’t you let him speak because you’re the only who finds a problem

So you think like babuon and his bondostanis that they are the only ones with a monopoly of organizing goons from Mathare and Kibera to come and wreak havoc in the city center instead of following laid down procedures to air their grievances, is that it? Is that what you want?


Nani ataongelesha hawa?

:D:D:D maandamano bila teargas si maandamano

Bondo-stain hatuendi ng’o… RWNEBP

Hapa yenyewe nakuunga mkono. During the elections kulikuwa Na RUMOURS ati mungiki had been deployed with police uniforms and armoury to clobber jaruos. Though the rumours were debunked, hawa rastamen wakiendelea hivi watu watafufua hizo porojo tena. And it will be too late to deny any link

luke! i am your father…

kiss it fucker…

Babuon goes personally and you have never seen those goons called american marine coming on air, for him he calls for protests which is allowed in constitution and then goons takes over, its called experience and thats why ruto found himself in hague instead of raila.
Then when playing your cards do you expose your cards such that the opponent knows which one you are waiting to finish him?

Wapi video ya hawa Munich :D:D

Then mount kenya people dont like hearing the word mungiki and here they want to revive it

If a repeat of 2007 ever happens(God forbid)people like Moses Kuria cannot miss the icc guillotines…it’s openly in the eye of the public now.

Icc has been found to be a toothless bulldog, Bashir has been free all the time.
I said here in the afternoon that the likes of Waititu diffused the demos behind the scenes.
Why are you so angry when gloves are off

Hawa watu walianza kuwachokozwa kitambo wakiitagwa wakora sijui nini etc… Kama hamuwajui you will know them as soon as possible