One of the rudest encounters of customer care. Deal with Kote cargo at your own peril; one of this fine days they will fail to deliver you goods, avoid your calls and ignore your emails in that order. Total lose of money and time.

peana full story

Hekaya na effdence

Apewe kiti , kisha angushe hekaya .

Did you need to create a new handle?
Anyways, leta full story with photo evidence,

Give us the full story.

Una deal na nani at Kote ? If its Edward then kuna shida otherwise i have used them for a couple of shipments since end of August and all seems fine.

this is the village’s irreducible minimum.

We understand that you are angry so we can look the other way. Letter hekaya mono.

I have over £1000 worth of shit to be shipped this week. worried since my consolidation email has not been replied since Monday.
@AA1 elaborate please what happened

Kote shipping from UK isnt bad. Your stuff will get here. Its US stuff that can potea or takes forever to get here especially since they change the US address so often

gtfoh with your half baked shit either weka whole story here or forever hold your peace

I bought some items pale US that was end of August and instead of 14 days it took 21 days.But for all the UK shipments things have been smooth. Infact on all shipments take 11 days max to get here and available for collection at their new office pale Karen.I have 7 packages due to leave UK this Friday.

Kwani ulijaribu ku ship Cali weed ama laptop alafu unateta

Kwani laptop haitafika?

Maswali zingine ungezifira halafu ulale

when is the original Bingwa Scrotum coming out of detention, I liked the avatar.

He he he! Most Kote users have been at this point brother , tuambie shida iko wapi . No email replies ? Told 2 weeks but has taken one month ? Your cargo haijulikani iko wapi ?

VE really?

The guys delivered my parcel straight from usa bila any problems, the parcel arrived wakapiga simu i then collected.