Use of phones in the banking hall - In many banks you will see signs posted warning you not to use your phone. If your phone rings and you pick you will see the guard rush to you and tell you to either step outside or disconnect your call. If you ask him why, he has no idea other than the fact that those are the instructions. This is a culture that developed when mobile phones usage developed in Kenya. By then mobile banking was inexistent. Banking halls were serious quiet places. No TVs or seats.

In many other halls where you queue to get services this peculiar rule is rarely enforced. This gets me to my point. Kenyans have got to STOP thinking like Africans. We have to free our minds from mental slavery. One thing I always advice people is to move with the times. Stop your ineffective old ways and adopt new current way of doing things, you will never go wrong with this. Now back to the phone thing. I have never understood why the rule exists. Think about it, even if it’s because of any security reason criminals can still text or whatsapp and therefore communicate effectively and timely. So it beats the logic.

Today majority of business is transacted on phone and online all through the use of our mobile phone devices. And mobility means access everywhere. Thus even the money you are depositing into the bank is made on phone. Why then would we have this stupid rule in many banks? It is simply because no one has ever looked at it. Not the bank manager nor his subordinates and not even the helpless guard with his rungu. Even the bored policemen posted to guard the bank whose work is mainly to sip tea and chat on their phones have no idea why it exists. It reminds me of the monkeys in a cage experiment.

In my opinion, this rule has been overtaken by events/technology. Needless to say it was irrelevant from the beginning. In fact the same banks are actively promoting mobile banking as the new platform to do banking. To all of you that work in banks, WAKE UP and WAKE YOUR BOSSES UP. I like KCBs new way of thinking that banking halls can have seats through use of technology. Next maybe they will build restrooms, who knows, in future there might even be cafés to serve you coffee and croissants as you wait. All in all this is only one example of how we follow things so mechanically without thought and is exactly why we lag behind and are not innovative in many aspects as Africans. We literally think inside the box all the time. AMKENI, CHANUsKENI.


Same case with petrol stations. They’l have a notice directing you not to use your phone pasted next to a Lipa na Mpesa one


True when you ask the watchie why he just points at the sign when you ask why the sign was put up he shrugs his shoulders ! Upuzi ya Kenya
but not just in Kenya it has been proven beyond doubt there is no way a using a mobile phone when refueling cannot start a fire test after test even with high octane has failed to ignite the fumes , lakini we still see the sign everywhere !

When starting your car after refuelling , a loose battery terminal can cause a spark huge enough to ignite petrol fumes that’s 1000 times bigger than a mobile battery can ever cause.

When starting your car after refuelling , a loose battery terminal can cause a spark huge enough to ignite petrol fumes that’s 1000 times bigger than a mobile battery can ever cause.


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for a petrol station can understand lakini kwa bank unataka nani asikize your private convos? the flashy ringtone of your pia haipendezi kila mtu.

You’re just too stupid, preaching on how we Africans should free ourselves from mental slavery yet you can’t give a comprehensive explanation on why we shouldn’t use our mobile phones in bank halls

My god, your comprehension skills at at a level of their own below sea level. Did you understand the article, lets start from there


Why single out the bank. Why do you pick your phone in the office, in a mat, restaurant or in a bar. Do you think thats where we like listening to ua private convos, or like your china ringtone? Free your mind

Ya petrol station ni juu ya moto so its understandable. but then again, why do they have Mpesa?

once upon a time there was an antiradiation thingamajig stuck near the earpiece of your mobile phone

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Moto aje? Explain

Moto aje? explain kidogo

i would agree with the BAN because some dolts really dont know how to talk calmly on phone!!! Ever been in a queue and anatha person speaks so loudly, laughs so terribly and makes you wish he would just go somewhere and continue with his conversation…??? mimi husema wacha hio sign ikae hapo, it makes each of us use thier phone silently… :):slight_smile:

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Kenyans have got to STOP thinking like Africans??? I thinking i’m missing something here

gasoline fumes are very explosive and a little sparks or heat can cause a fire/explosion.

kapicha ka terrible laugh hivi hivi?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

:D:D:D…Yes u are, since u don’t have the negroid thinking that is been described here by @Dunya …wewe “hushikanishi” hata kidogo labda una ile ya Caucasian (uko above the sea level :D:D:D).

I had one kwa phone yangu ya siemens c 35 back in 2004.