WARNING: CryptoCurrency: Wadau Now or never

I was helping someone fill out their tax return leo and the ground has changed Kabisa Kabiisa Forever!

It is now official that crypto assets are here to stay and will only appreciate as time endeleas.

Ukiona Uncle sam ameanza kutafuta ushuru from crypto for every citizen (First Time Ever!) , there is no going back. Pia wasee are being charged with all sorts of Financial crimes for crypto. Regulation is happening fast!

Uncle Sam wants to know if you have received, sold, sent, exchanged or have ANY interest in Crypto.
WTF Does that sentence even mean? LOL

Lazima ujibu this question when filing taxes going forward.

Any fool with any brains will tell you that Uncle Sam has seen the future.

Once people start filing taxes for 2020 Bitcoin will go over the roof! it is already over the roof, more like will hit the sky! You heard it from me first.

When millions of Americans are held legally liable under threat of a jail sentence in the Federal Pen by uncle sam then the whole world will follow suit.

The world financial markets and players including all governments hulamba A** ya Uncle na watafuata.

When a Pamba (Uncle Sam; Holding bakora kama ya GSU) asks you the question below ama utalala ndani



Taking a quick look at Bitcoin the driver of all cryptocurrencies only confirms the future:








Any one with any brains should empty their bank account and but bitcoin or similar stable crypto.

QUESTION: Any Village with any real experience buying BitCoin and other Crypto in Kenya?

I am definitely going to start paying serious financial attention to cryptocurrencies. So should you.

Will open a trading account and will post updates. Checking out BlockFi, seems like the way I will start.

PS: If I dont double my Money in 3 Months…Admin give me title of Village Idiot

Talkers wale wako na crypto account tubongeleshane wadau.

How much does it cost in terms of total fees to buy bitcoin wherever you are.

Wasee hutumia Mpesa/KES Bank A/c ama? What are the KYC requirements?

What exchange do you use? Does it allow margin? etc.

Believe me…Crypto(BitCoin) will be doubling chums mbaya 2021.

Who has check out BlockFi? Unatengeneza almost 7% APY. Unheard of!

This whole thing will collapse the moment central banks decide to launch their own cryptos. What started out as an alternative currency has turned into gambling.

Are you in Kenya?

Crypto is the future, no collapse only change in token price. Either it goes up or down depending on global factors… Bitcoin and Ethereum are the future of value storage.

Wait for a retracement by mid Feb, THEN and only then go balls deep

Nope. I want to see and compare price/convenience options for working from the Kenyan side

Pale niko crypto regulations ni moto itabidii nisomee a lot of fine print on taxation, money laundering etc regulations

LOL good luck…anyone who can see these 90-30-7 day charts and understands FUDAmentals would not wait till Feb.

Feb sio mbali…we will revisit

Why you say retracement? You figure guys who bought are going to dump leading to drop in price?

Following keenly

I wanna begin this.
Mtu huanza wapi na aje

Why would Uncle Sam be interested in getting some of piece of a useless asset? Uncle Sam Anaona Crypto Inaongeza uzito daily.

Hii kitu inaongeza bei nikama inapanda mlima boss

Sijui how it works in Kenya right now but nikijua nitaangusha more info on this thread soonest.

Google is your friend in the meantime

Bought crypto when it was at 8k at 2018. Best advice I can give u is it will definitely drop, not now but eventually it will drop.
I used localbitcoin to buy it, but ngoja kidogo ndio uinunue after big money profited and left.
At the time I got it at slightly higher price than the amount it was at juu Kenyans are stingy people.
Put it in some exchange place and tried a few pump and dump schemes which ended horribly but u live u learn.
I’m currently waiting for a stable market or company that has an etc for crypto so I can put in cash there and make a killing from it.

I am researching BlockFI

What is does is that once you have bitcoin, u let people borrow at an interest and hold their crypto as collateral.

Basically you earn compound interest on both the amount you loanout and interest on the appreciated value of your Bitcoin asset. You basically get two bites of the apple compounded daily. Effective APY is crazy?

Compound interest = $$$ the secret to all wealth.

Will post screenshots of my account as soon as I open an account and we see how fast it takes to double my money or lose it.

Question: Would you rather receive Ksh 1,000,000 one time or receive one shilling today and have it doubled every day for one year?

Uncle Sam asked the same question last year when crypto was at 3k. Having dropped from 20k.

You sound like one of those forex trading scheme advertisers.

last year Uncle Sam treated it like it was optional (schedule 1)…this year its compulsory for everyone for first time ever as it is on 1040.

Boss ununue bitcoin ama usinunue hainisaidii personally…ata ukizika pesa ama chini ya mattress ni poa…pesa ni yako

It’s wise not to put all your eggs in one basket

True that…Golden rule never invest what you cannot afford to lose…

End of the day everything is a Gamble (Risk > 0). Life included…kuona 2021 ni kuwin lottery kimpango…kumalizia 2021 hujui

Personally I will be trying with what I can afford to lose…This is how I will do it.

Example: I will invest 100 Bob, Ikifika 300 bob kama itafika naanza kutoa my original 100 from earned interest pole pole… so that whatever happens eventually I cannot lose. Utajionea

Below is the only important math formula for your money