War drums: Dunia inaisha jameni


read somewhere that she is a meth addict and next in line if fat kim kicks the bucket… crazy enough to do it

WW3 will be inevitable in case she becomes the leader of NK at such a time like this.

No the Meth addict is Hunter Biden and Malia Obama. Hunter has even snorted parmesan cheese when he ran out of crack and meth.

Njaruo Malia Obama snorting white lines below.

This photo was found in the Hunter Biden laptop.


Obama is a witchdoctor who sold his life to the Devil in exchange for power and riches

@slevyn @Abba



Miss cock stare.

She will be eliminated by ze brazza.
That guy is cold hearted POS

Probably. There is a lot of witchcraft in the U.S.

@ChifuMbitika how else do you explain this? U.S witches sweeping the streets to welcome Obama to the White House :


Did you also read in the Daily Mail that she eats babies for breakfast ?


wapi clear picture tuone kama ni malia ndio alikuwa akikulwa hkm kwa kitanda ya biden?
nasikia ako na birthmark kwa matanye

sa tufanye?? nugu nyeus

kihií ni kiviví tu

obama jaluo jinga ni meffi ya mbweha

[SIZE=5]Ni utahiri haraka kabla dunia iishe,njaruo jinga wewe!!! Khassiah![/SIZE]



Nî ma biu mundu wa Rware