@wamaguku spotted

K-Lost material



Yuko hapa na fisi zake.

Where can I get such shoes?

@jakipii gikomba…

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Haha! So @aviator true ID and gender was unmasked at last?

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Boss lady is that you?

@MBOMB Nope! Maybe you are looking for @Supu don

Wild guesses are invalid.

@MBOMB : howdy twinkle toes

Howdy “new villager”@Supu don

youre both new villagers…

Thanks Captain Obvious

I think we need some verification sort of…I suspect some people are impostoring on some klist handles

Between supu na supu don nani mchunku?

Huu supu don na supu huwa wana appear at the same time in a post.o_Oo_O

supu don nadhani ndiye original supu ni fake ama ambia jakipii aka aviator a confirm hii maneno

^^^Though shalt not mention my name in vain.


You Just have to ask I am fake and @Supu don is the original.

asi maneno ya howdy hatukuacha klost?