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Appeal the case by Monday out on bond by Friday . good lawyer. Case dies.

Minimum sentence of gang rape miaka ngapi Kenya, ongeza an alternative charge ya indecent assault minimum sentence, can we discuss about if they try to appeal?

Lakini mbona kunguru inakuwekea oyster missionary position alafu anarudi 25 years later kusema ulim-rape? Mtu asiporeport rape within 48 hours iyo inafaa kuwa null and void. Hawa feminazis wameamua kutuangamiza kisiasa.

Ndio maana naskianga mambo ya gender rule hapa kwa hiyo punguza mzigo and that is the only reason I don’t support it. Unless those things in the bill are separate I am not supporting it.

You can see just how all of a sudden lesbians are popping up right, left and center like roaches in a dirty kitchen when you turn the lights off.

Soon tutakuwa tukienda Tanzania na UG to find wives.

C. M Martha Mutuku is a single mother and she’s the one who handled that matter.

Kwanza wewe na kuwa alpha male tutakusoma kwa gazeti siku moja, fuga mtu Mumoja pekee.

Afande, nyinyi ndio mtanikujia tu kwa nyumba nikikunywa Hennessy kwa balcony ati nilirape msichana 6 months ago. Hehe

weka hio link ya reddit

I thought you are a proud teetotaler. What happened??

Mturandom Shida yako iko wapi mwanaume kunywa pombe yake Ama unataka kumtomba

Hapana. Wewe ndiye nataka ku-dry fry nisemange I dry-fried the dryfry artist.

Heshma priss mturandom

Heshimiana uheshimiwe

Only a fool avoids alcohol at least sometimes. Ata yesu alikunywa mimi mtu mdogo ndiye nitakataa. It is the only thing keeping us from kutingisha hawa wasichana kama kilori kya direct injection.

Amazing these guys are sentenced on the week that this movie is released.Not saying that these rugby players did not commit the crime and have now been sentenced. Ogopa kunguru.

[SIZE=7]Brian Banks[/SIZE]
Years Served: 5
In 2002, seventeen-year-old Brian Banks was wrongfully convicted of rape. At the time of his conviction, Banks was, by all accounts, a rising football star destined to play in the NFL. Tragically, Banks would never realize his dream of going to college and playing professional football.
Brian Banks’s Wrongful Conviction, Plea Deal, and Exoneration
A high-school acquaintance – Wanetta Gibson – shattered that dream one fateful day after she accused Banks of rape and kidnapping following a consensual sexual encounter on the school campus. It was Banks’ word against hers and she was not likely to change her story. After all, Gibson sued the Long Beach Unified School District claiming the school’s lax security provided an unsafe environment that led to the fraudulent rape. She would eventually receive a settlement of 1.5 million dollars.


The woman later confessed that he did not do it.


Here’s her confession.


These young men couldn’t resist taking advantage of a passed out Wendy Kemunto and now they are paying for it. But the judge has said some very odd things in her ruling and the most extreme one is;

“The suspects’ decision to delete the videos was an action of guilt,” said Magistrate Mutuku.

People delete pictures, videos and text messages from their phones all the time. There are many reasons that make people do that. To save on memory, to reduce drag, to move on etc etc

Where can one find the full ruling.This is something that I would like to read and try understand what made the judge decide they were guilty.


This is him just last week. People can be malicious.