I normally download my mp3’s from mp3juices.com. I hear a song be it in a mat shazam or google lyrics and baaam i download…yes call me a pirate! Today after a while i try open the site and thats the message i get…any better alternatives? Before mp3juices i used to use mp3skull till it disappeared![ATTACH=full]8412[/ATTACH]

mp3skull bado iko


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I saw the .cr bt thats after i had already fallen in love with mp3juices…

1st time sioo!

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Kat.cr tumia flud to download

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That is 1 track? 150bob for 1 track?

Itunes its like $0.99 per track…so a typical album is around $9.99 - $10.99

@ol monk most of my downloads are not local music aki nikinunua ngoma ya jay z nimemsaidia ama nimejifilisisha! :smiley:

After mp3juices.com i figured out another way which was search the song on youtube, copy the link, put the word “magic” (without the quotes) in between you and tube and follow the instructions. Works great cz can even download the video, bt i think if i use mp3juices for the mp3s it will be faster. Thank you though.

torrent damu… ,mambo ya kunuua mziki nimewachia wazungu…

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