Their lives will change for GOOD. Once you have a terror related charge in the US you live goes downhill. From credit score to even getting a house to rent becomes a problem. Good luck to them.

Huyo mnigga inakaa ametoka vumbistan.
Ama ni @luopean?

They will soon be homeless. Attorney fees plus job loss sio mchezo

What happened to you? Give the original ndindu how account back.

One of them is a supreme court of NY judges son. Who also happens to be an Israeli mole.

What is your problem nani?

What number on that picture

7 on this one.


Wacha wakipatepate

ii ni umeffi…
so orangutan kama wewe ni jaja kuliko mossad??
ocha vikombe ama uuze mapera kama @Finest wine forefore umbwa wewe

io jaluo itapigwa risasi ya kichwa…nitaChija bata zinga ‘turkey’:smiley:

Wacha wakatombwe mikia

Given a choise In l to the head I orangutan I finish

they’re in big shit, kuna ile penalties trump ali sign into law during the height of blm riots


Ghasieer unanini na jaluo

As they will be reading charges to them in court, I hope they mention " According to Executive orders number … signed by our beloved president Trump, you are hereby prosecuted to the full extend of the law for vandalism of monuments in Congress. We hereby sentence you to 10 years in solitary confinement".

The MAGA shit will slowly evaporate in their heads.

The kid who shot 3 people walichanga $2 million bail . They’ll ‘probably’ do the same for their Magats

These fools will be found easily with facial recognition software.

The fonts in the poster are childish. Haiendi mahali

Over 200 will be arrested. Do your math 2mx200=$400. Are you stupid or what? Who will cough that money on an arsonist on vandalist