Want to understand JaKuon?

[SIZE=4]NB: JaKuon is 5’7” (1.67m)[/SIZE]
The Napoleon Complex Theory: Why Are Short People Always the Worst to Put Up With?
[SIZE=4]…Anyway, they’re not all bad, short people, and some can be quite humble. But quite a number of them aren’t so good. I once had the misfortune of living next door to such a person. I had him as a neighbour for a couple of years when I was younger. Small people can be nice when they’re your friends, but if they become your enemies – watch out, because they can be ruthless little buggers. They’re like wolverines, or something; small, but bloody vicious, with beady eyes and sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue.

But by far one of the worst little people I ever came across was in my first year at Primary School, in Grade 1. This kid was ruthless. He had no morals; no scruples. He went out of his way to relentlessly terrorize me. You know the one child I mentioned above that I likened to a dog in an extended simile? Well, this boy was literally some sort of vicious animal. He actually did growl sometimes and bare his teeth when he talked. It was kind of funny but disturbing at the same time. He blackmailed me at one stage after an embarrassing incident took place. I was told if I didn’t tell him what I had for lunch every day, he would tell on me. I didn’t want this and so for a while I unwillingly went along with his demands. Sometimes I tried to negotiate to try to reach a compromise. Why he actually didn’t take the food and eat it himself or the lunch money I would have had to buy food, I don’t know to this day. Most bullies do. It might have actually helped him grow if he had a bit of nutrition. He wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, looking back. Then one day I just called his bluff when he came along with his usual rubbish, and I just replied, “Go ahead. I don’t care.”

He did nothing, thankfully, until one day when he stabbed me with a pencil.

It’s called the Napoleon Complex: short people who have an axe to grind with practically everyone, and have a lot to prove seemingly because of their short stature. This is easy to recognize because of their apparent antagonistic, overly aggressive and bossy attitude, particularly towards people taller than they are, as well as perhaps being overachievers – having to excel at everything to make up for their size. It’s basically an inferiority complex (feeling small), but for small people.[/SIZE]

I thought tulisema leo siasa ni break kidogo.

It’s actually more humorous than anything else. Lakini people have varying funny bones.

Sometimes the smallness is not in stature. It’s in the head.

I’ve a feeling you’re a short guy.

I think the fault lies with the supreme court.How can you order a reelection without changing IEBC seems pointless.

Kuongea ukweli mimi sisomagi hizi vitu Kubwa kubwa

you feel wrong if five nine is short. but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Mimi kama dwarf nakataa hii mambo

Hii yote ni ujinga

My tallness was determined by my parents (damn them) who were short as f**k but married each other anyway. Mimi ni super dwarf. Nakaa niko class 6 maximum.

The only true statement there is I always struggle to be the best or among the best. If I am not, I bail out. It is not an inferiority complex for short people since I have been in classes with short people who failed completely but yes, most tunakuanga huko juu.

How tall is TZ’s Magufuli?


Leta penile size sasa
U under 2.0?

:D:D…na unajiita Mubig…

Jina ukipewa na wazazi huwezi badilisha. Ni kama uitwe muceke halafu ufanye bidii upate katambi.:D:D

That is the joke. People have been singing to me that my name means big yet I am so small till I accepted and owned it.