Wankers Be Warned....


Mucahid Cihad Han made the bizarre statement during an appearance on 2000 TV while taking part in a Q&A session with viewers.

The self-styled Muslim televangelist was told by a questioner that he “kept masturbating even though he was married” and asked Mr Han for advice.

Urging viewers to “resist Satan’s temptations”, he told the questioner: "Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights.

“If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?”

But the bizarre claims invited nothing but ridicule when social media users came across the comments, which were made on Sunday.

niaje shemale aviator?


Si tutavaa gloves

usisahau kuwawekea doubting Thomases evidence


Upus, what about wet dreams

Wet dreams will make your brain pregnant, I would think.

What is it this time?

haha muslims have funny beliefs

ama matress

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Does this apply if I do it wearing a rubber glove in the hand??

Upuss of the year award direct nominee.

Hehe UOYA ni ya @DI TICHA

How will the delivery of the baby be done?

Utaweza ujinga ya wa watu?

Some Muslims have lunatic believes.

Basi mtu kama @kush yule mnono si mkono itakua na quintuplets

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Ok , so this “warning” is from the same guys with the 90 virgin theory , ahh I see;)

Methinks that should we follow that imam’s kind of thinking,then wetdreams will make undies pregnant.
But I also want to ask,what will happen to those who wank using gadgets?

Kinono…Burukenge hii…

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